Monday, May 20, 2019

Advanced Biology Studies the Nervous System

(Submitted by CHS Sophomore, Alexis Conboy)

When studying the nervous system, one must surely be in awe of its speed and power. The
Chadron High advanced biology class recently explored the nervous system, specifically the
nervous systems reaction times. In order to test the reaction times of the nervous system, a
series of experiments were conducted and the results were recorded in a graph. After all of the
data had been compiled, questions on the experiment were completed by the students to further
engage them and compare data compiled by other students

In the first experiment, students were to hold a meter stick approximately three centimeters
above the hand that was being tested. Then the meter stick would be dropped and the person
being tested would have to catch the meter stick as fast as they could. This would be repeated
for the opposite hand and person and recorded on a graph. The second experiment was the
same, only the person being tested had to close their eyes and the person dropping the meter
stick had to say go in order for the person to react. The third experiment would also be a
rendition of the first. The groups had to come up with their own experiment. One group
decided to test their reaction after having laid down on the ground for a few minutes. Another
decided to run up and down the stairs leading down to the central office a few times. The tests
conducted by the students were overall very creative.

After the experiments, students had to answer an assortment of questions. These questions
included “Which hand had the quickest reaction time?”, “Why may each person/hand have a
different reaction time?”, and “Were there any trends that could be identified in the data?”. All
of these questions allowed the students to become more engaged in the experiments. Not only
would they have to compile the data they would also have to draw conclusions and make
connections with their group’s data and the other groups’ data as well.

These experiments were ultimately very beneficial to the students of Mr. Bradley’s advanced biology
class. The tests were not only informative but engaging and fun for the students. The experiments gave
a more in-depth understanding of the nervous system while also providing an opportunity to make
connections and draw conclusions. The skills gained by experiments completed in this classroom will
not only be used in this classroom, but in other classrooms in school, and those “classrooms” that may
appear throughout life.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Link to Live Stream Graduation - 1:00 mst Saturday, May 11th

The link is also found on the homepage of

Class of 2019
Graduation Date: May 11, 2019
1:00pm MST
Chadron High School Gymnasium

Class Colors: Black, Red & Silver
Class Flower: White Rose
Class Song: "On My Way" by Phil Collins
Class Motto: "We grew together - now it is our freedom to go our separate ways and give what we can to the world." ~Unknown

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Summer Weight Room Hours for Student Athletes

A few times have changed to try and eliminate the congestion in the weight room. Most workouts can be completed in 40-45 minutes if done correctly and this schedule allows for almost everyone to have their own weight room time.  

6:00 am Weight room opens
6:30 am Football (Juniors & Seniors)
7:15 am Volleyball (All)
8:00 am Softball (All)
8:30 am Football (Sophomores & Freshmen)
9:15 am Weight room closed

"C" Club is again willing to award t-shirts to the individuals with 80% attendance. Attendance to a team/individual sports camp does count towards weight room attendance.

The Weight Room will open May 28th (on a Tuesday due to Monday being Memorial Day)
It will be open Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday & Closed on Fridays
The Weight Room will be closed Thursday, July 4th
The week of July 22-26 the weight room will also be closed. (NCA clinic)
Final day for the weight room will be August 1st.

Please encourage your athletes to attend the summer workouts. Inform them that lifting on a “game day” does not harm them. If they need examples I will gladly provide them or their parents the information.

As the summer weight room supervisor, my ultimate goal is for every athlete to improve at their sport(s) in addition for every team to be successful.

Jamie Slingsby
Health and Physical Fitness Instructor
Head Wrestling Coach
Assistant Football Coach
Chadron Cardinals High School 

CHS Graduation 1:00p Saturday, May 11th

CHS Graduation 1:00p May 11th

The CHS Graduation Ceremony will be streamed live.
(link coming soon)

 Chadron High School Graduation
 Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM

 Chadron High School Gymnasium

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Chadron Wins Big at the 2019 CSC Scholastic Day Contest

Once again, Chadron High wins big at the Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest!

Overall Team Standings (having met minimum number of tests)

  1. 16.160  Chadron High School   - Division III Winner
  2. 15.471  Hay Springs High School  - Division V Winner
  3.  15.127  Rapid City Stevens High School  - Division I Winner
  4. 14.096   Rapid City Christian High School  - Division IV Winner
  5.  13.582  Gering High School

19 CHS Students Placed in the Top 3!

First Place Finishers:

  • Micah Stouffer - Business Law
  • Dan Dunbar - Physical Education
  • Cole Madsen - Agronomy and Rangeland Management
  • Hannah Walker - Earth Science
  • Madison Sandstrom - Human Development and Family Life
  • Samantha Johns - Veterinary Sciences
  • Cody Hall - Algebra I
Second Place Finishers:
  • Abigail Gardner - Business Management Decision Making
  • Leila Tewahade - General Science
  • Micah Stouffer - Business Communications and Vocabulary
  • Patrick Rust - Business Information Systems
  • Charlotte Toftum - Business Law
  • Hannah Walker - General Biology
  • Michael Sorenson - Business Math
Third Place Finishers:
  • Hunter Parks - American History
  • Paige Carattini - Psychology
  • Mackenzie Scoggan - Equine Management
  • Shawn Garvin - Personal Finance
  • Morgan Rutledge - General Biology
Fourth Place Finishers:
  • Shelby Blundell - Accounting
  • Lauren Collins - Advanced Mathematics
  • Patrick Rust - Business Management Decision Making
  • Kayley Galbraith - World History
Fifth Place Finishers:
  • Grace Sorenson - American History
  • Michael Sorenson - General Science
Sixth Place Finishers:
  • Zachary Wordekemper - Physical Education
  • Samantha Johns - Algebra II
Seventh Place Finishers:
  • Kennady Stack - Plane Geometry