Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NeLovesPS Film Debuts June 19

(Submitted from: nelovesps.org)

Eight hours, six crew members and a wild ride. That’s how we started the last leg of our film tour for One Child At A Time, our next 30-minute documentary.
Chadron not only provided us with footage of breathtaking scenery, a few risky highway photo opportunities and a homemade cupcake or two but it also provided us with our last storyline for this film on individualized instruction.
As storytellers, Chadron helped us understand the challenges schools face tailoring learning experiences to each student and teaching all students this way. With a particular focus on goal setting for each student, teachers try to find the most effective ways to help each student find success; they provide Student Assistance Teams (SATs) for students falling behind and they extend and enrich learning through AP and High Ability Learner (HAL) activities for those needing an extra challenge.
The film debuts Thursday, Jun 19 on our website and NET2 and it brings to life these stories from Chadron Public Schools, Lincoln’s Clinton Elementary, Omaha’s Spring Lake Elementary and the University of Nebraska Omaha and Omaha Public Schools’ Middle College program. Layered with vignettes of real student stories – those high ability, those needing extra help and every student in between – the film weaves these compilations into the bigger picture of individualized instruction in Nebraska schools.