Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Upward Bound Celebrates End of Successful Semester

The Upward Bound Christmas Quarterly Meeting took place December 6th at the beautiful CSC
Sandoz Center. Approximately twenty six students from Chadron, Alliance and Crawford high schools attended along with office assistant Stephanie Stroup, Academic Advisors Heather Moore Sager, Lauren Stephens, and Tearza Mashburn. Director Maggie Smith-Bruehlman, the goddess of ceremonies, introduced the activities of the day starting with the “draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate while on your head” icebreaker organized by Heather Moore Sager. The winning artist was Audreanna Smith from Crawford HS.

The students who won the Yellowstone essay contest- Terra, Tia, Brittnay, Sara, Sierra and Serie provided a power point presentation that reflected their experience of Yellowstone. Each student commented on what impacted them the most during the trip, and expressed appreciation for the wonderment of Yellowstone. Several of the students who attended the UNL, Creighton, and Wesleyan college campus tour (Serie, Brittnay, and Sara) conveyed their ideas and thoughts on the trip, and which college they preferred.

Sara Polak, the director of the Sandoz Center gave a presentation on Mari Sandoz illustrating the hardships she endured growing up in the early twentieth century. Ms. Sandoz struggled to receive an education and didn’t obtain recognition for her writing until she was in her thirties.

During the appetizer lunch catered by CSC Dining Services, Christmas gift bags were distributed to each student. The gift bag contained UB water bottles, fun toys, candy and popcorn balls. Following lunch, Lauren Stephens conducted a Christmas carol practice session in preparation for Prairie Pines Retirement Community performance.

After a jolly ride in the People Mover over to Prairie Pines, the students set up in the Dining Hall. Lauren Stephens started the show off with “Name that Tune” by playing the first few notes of notable Christmas songs on her flute. The residents did well on the game and scored lots a chocolate can-
dy. Ms. Stephens entertained with a solo flute composition that was quite remarkable and impressive. The UB students did a great job singing the various Christmas songs followed by the Marshallese students singing a beautiful song sung in their native language. The Prairie Pines residents truly appreciated the Upward Bound students  along with the Christmas gift bags

Thank you and Merry Christmas!