Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Greatest Generation of Educators!

(The following information was shared by CPS Superintendent, Dr. Caroline Winchester with staff this week.)

Dr. Richard DuFour recently published his new book entitled "In Praise of American Educators”.  In recognition of American Education Week I think it is fitting to pass along a few excerpts. 

“No generation of American educators has ever accomplished what our teachers and administrators are achieving today.”  And I want to add this includes all of the support staff from bus drivers to custodians to para educators to office personnel—everyone.  He goes on to say,  consider the evidence:

  • Graduation rates for the high school class of 2012 exceeded 80 percent for the first time in our Nation’s history.  Remember American Education Week was started to garner public support for the need for more education for the World War I veterans.  Twenty-five percent were reported illiterate.
  • The improved graduation rate for Latino students was twice the national average and gains for African American students exceeded the national average.
  • More students are succeeding in a more rigorous curriculum.  More students earned honor grades in 2013 than attempted AP exams in 2003. Since 2004 the number of students participating in AP programs has nearly doubled and the number of low-income students participating has more than quadrupled.
  • Test scores are steadily improving.  NAEP data show test scores in reading and math have improved for almost every group of students over the past two decades.
  • Since 2009 the Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll indicate Americans most familiar with public schools love them.  Three of every four assign their local school a grade of A or B.
  • American teachers receive high marks from their students.  From a 2013 poll of students 83% or more said they get along with their teachers, most teachers are interested in their well-being, most teachers listen to what I have to say, if I need extra help I will receive it and most teachers treat me fairly.

DuFour lists many more examples.  He goes on to say “Never have American’s educators accomplished so much for so many in the face of so many obstacles…..”

Thank you so very much for everything you do for the children of Chadron Public Schools and for the future of our Nation.  You are the “Greatest Generation of American Educators”.
   ~ Dr. Caroline Winchester, Superintendent of Schools