Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did You Know CHS Offers Tutoring Everyday?!

As the new semester begins, we typically get phone calls from parents asking if tutors are available for students struggling with the transition of a new class load.  The response is, "Yes".  In fact, our tutors are the most knowledgable individuals for helping students with homework and are available everyday!

Chadron High School operates with four 90-minute 'blocks' of classes each day, homework assistance is scheduled for Block 5 which takes place right after school ....everyday!

Block 5 is designated for teachers to be available to assist students. On regular school days, it takes place the first 25 minutes after school and on 1:30 dismissals it takes place the first 45 minutes after school is dismissed.  So, I would encourage parents to support students using this time to get individualized help with homework.

The extra time on 1:30 dismissal days is not only beneficial, but necessary for students that have missed instruction time due to illness or activities.  All teachers that are present are required to be available to help students during Block 5.

Occasionally, we have teachers absent due coaching a team that travels early, in those situations we encourage students to get assistance from another teacher in the same department. We have a lot of qualified and talented staff eager to help.

One of the difficulties we have is the misconception that a student staying after school in a class room is being punished or serving detention.  Block 5 is for assistance, not punishment!  In college, this time in know as office hours, where students know their professor is available for extra help. 

So, help us spread the word for students to utilize Block 5 for homework assistance. We're here to help students be successful!

(I would also note, teachers are available to assist students before school each day and if needed, teachers will arrive even earlier if the student requests.)