Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Increasing Need for Technical and Skilled Training

At our Freshman/New Student Orientation, I mentioned our curriculum efforts to match student needs to the current job market trends.  Trends in the workforce indicate an increasing number of jobs requiring technical/skilled training and not a four year college degree.  In order for our students to be in a position to secure these high skilled, high demand and high wage jobs, we've been making efforts to create curriculum to teach career education supported by vocational classes.

The two videos that I showed highlighting the job market trends are linked below.

The first video, Reality Check - Guiding Your Children to Career Success is written and narrated by Kevin J. Fleming. It shows the data of the changing trends in the workforce.

The second video, Don't Follow Your Passion is by PragerU.com and is narrated by TV personality Mike Rowe, star of "Dirty Jobs".  It emphasizes the need for students to match their skills to a career.

The videos are intended to create thought for students and parents about the pursuit of technical and skilled training after high school as an alternate to pursuing a four-year college degree. Visit with our Guidance Office for more information.