Monday, November 6, 2017

CHS Hosts - Apply to College Week!

This week CHS celebrates Apply to College Week.  On November 8th all seniors expected to graduate at the end of this academic year will be encouraged to apply for admission to at least one college or university.  The purpose of this week is to acquaint students with the college application process and to communicate the importance of applying to college. Check out the list of events.

November 6-8th CHS COLLEGE BINGO:  

Calling all Cardinals—students and staff!! Let’s play Blackout Bingo and win prizes!
Come grab a bingo card from the main office window, on it, you will see 25 squares, each with the name of a different college. At least one CHS staff member graduated or attended that school. Ask any CHS staff member if he or she graduated from the square combination. If you find a match ask the staff member to sign his/her name across the square. Try to find all 25 matches—a blackout – for prizes that include t-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses, and more college gear. Turn in your card to the Counseling Office before 3:45 pm on Wednesday. Have fun talking with staff members about their post-secondary education!

November 8th:  Official visit of Chadron State College with ALL Seniors!
8:00 a.m. - Senior Meeting in Auditorium
8:30 a.m. - Applying to colleges in auditorium with CSC/WNCC representatives
9:45  - Walk to CSC Ballroom
10:15 - CSC Admissions talk
11:00 - Advising Session w/ Professors in Small Groups
12:00 - Lunch on Campus
1:00 - Tour of CSC
1:45 - return to CHS. 

November 9th:  PRIZES GIVAWAY for College Bingo and College Trivia.

November 10th:  Eastern Wyoming  College Tour and Visit