Monday, March 5, 2018

CHS Students Qualify for State History Day Contest!

National History Day is an educational program devoted to the learning of history. 

Recently, students chose a topic related to the annual theme (“Conflict and Compromise in History”) and conducted extensive research using both primary and secondary sources. 

After analyzing and drawing conclusions about
their topics’ significance in history, they presented their work in an original project. The district contest was held March 2, 2018 at Chadron State College.

Those who competed at the District History Day competition and qualified for the State History Day competition in April are:
Group Website
Lauren Collins, Grace Sorenson - Constance Markievicz: The Countess who Created Conflict and Refused to Compromise
Individual Website
Sydney Brown - Mars Exploration: A Conflict and Compromise in Budget
Hunter Hawk - The Battle for the Last Frontier: Racial Equality in Space
Jameson Margetts - The Mormon Trail