Thursday, October 6, 2011

Geometry Class Learns Accident Reconstruction

With the help of the Chadron Police Department, Mr. Holmquist's Geometry class learns how to do some accident reconstruction.  Class began with Chadron High SRO, Officer Aron Chrisman, in the classroom showing the common formulas used in predicting the speed of a car by measuring the skid marks and using a drag factor.  The drag factor allows for differences in the surface conditions of the road: asphalt, cement, gravel, rain, snow, etc. All four of the tires skid marks are measured then averaged for use in the formula.

Students then went outside to 10th street where Lieutenant Hickstein and Officer Chrisman demonstrated and led the students through measuring skid marks and calculating a drag factor so students could predict the speed of a stopping car. This activity allowed for the continued growth in the relationship between students and the local law enforcement agency as well as the opportunity to see how math is used in careers outside of the classroom.