Monday, December 19, 2011

English I Students Perform Romeo & Juliet

English I Students Perform Romeo & Juliet
By Heidi Beguin

Mrs. Beguin’s English I class is wrapping up their final book, Romeo & Juliet by completing a number of different projects, each relating to the book. Students may choose the tasks they complete, making sure they do enough to earn up to 100 points. Some of their options are to perform an act from the play with a partner, create and perform a paper bag puppet play, draw a comic strip that shows a favorite scene from the play, create a review game, and memorize a 10-line monologue and perform it.

Currently the project completed by the most people is to create a crossword puzzle and flashcards of vocabulary from the book, followed closely by creating paper bag puppets and performing a scene with a partner.

 (Photos show KayLeah Deines, Veronica Parish and Shay Chamberlain performing a scene of the play and Willy Cogdill, Paul Watak and Jackson Dickerson acting out their paper bag puppet show.)