Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finish Strong!

As we near the end of first semester, I'd like to remind our students to finish strong! Here in Chadron High School we follow a block schedule, meaning that most of our classes meet for 90 minutes each day. Therefore, when the semester ends next Wednesday, our students will be finished with their classes. Our students will return to all new classes on January 4th.

There are many advantages to block scheduling. For the students, block schedule not only gives the benefits of depth of lessons and more activities and labs but it helps to transition into the college classrooms where classes end each semester.  This makes this final week very important for students. Final chapter tests and projects come to an end and most classes begin studying for the big semester final exam. I strongly encourage students and parents to focus on the importance of finishing each semester strong, making sure time is spent on those missing homework assignments as well as studying for final tests.

Good luck to all of our students in their efforts to finish strong this semester. We look forward to a well deserved break to enjoy our families and friends.

As a note: We will begin dismissing high school students as early as 1:00 Wednesday, Dec 21st for winter break.  Releasing students 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled 1:30 time is for special recognition of the success of our recent food drive hosted by our FBLA.