Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Tuesday, Feb 21st we had the privilege of having former high school graduate, Megan (Pelton) Shuckman, as our guest speaker at a Health Professions luncheon. Megan is a 2004 graduate of Chadron High School who then attended Chadron State College as one of our first medical RHOP (Rural Health Opportunities Program) recipients. Upon graduating at CSC, Megan went on to the University of Nebraska Medical Center where she is in her fourth year and will be starting her residency appointment this spring.

Megan shared her stories of the rigors and expectations of the medical field curriculum with current high school students interested in pursuing a similar field. She spoke highly of her preparation from Chadron High School and encouraged students to expose themselves to classes like AP Calculus, AP Statistics as well as the Sciences but not to forget to take elective classes that can be enjoyed. She spoke about how well Chadron State College prepared her for medical school where she attends classes with students with bachelor's degrees from major universities across the nation.

We thank Megan Shuckman for her willingness to provide the time to share her experiences with our students.