Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure Performance - Become the Ultimate Athlete Program Coming to Chadron

Join us Wednesday, March 21st at the Chadron High Auditorium to here our speaker, John Underwood who will deliver an extremely high energy, high impact presentation that will not only take you to a new level in athletics, but will also make you a healthier person. John Underwood is known around the world for implementing "Pure Performance" to nearly all sports federations including the NCAA, ECAC, NHL, NFL, NBA, and the U.S. Olympic committee, Sports Canada, and the USAF. John Underwood is also a former NCAA All-American, International level distance runner and World Masters Champion.

His innovative program "Pure Performance", has gained international prominence. He is the Master Trainer for the New York Public High School Athletic Association drug prevention program which is one of the largest mandated programs in prevention history. John was recently named as a consultant to the prestigious Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation and the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center. He has conducted the only physiological case study, of the residual effect of alcohol on elite athletic performance. He is sponsored by the American Athletic Institute which has forged a reputation as the experts in the field of athletics and social drug use.