Friday, September 14, 2012

Academic Successes Recognized by the Governor

Last spring we proved we are leading the state with the outstanding results on our state tests. It was confirmed even more yesterday when the Governor called to announce his arrival on October 30th to visit with our district staff and administrators to commend us for our successes and ask our opinions on where the state could focus  their efforts to improve student performance.

Arriving with Governor Heineman will be the Nebraska Education Commissioner Dr. Roger Breed and State Senator Greg Adams. These are the three biggest influences on education in the state. We are excited to hear  that they are willing to come recognize us for our efforts and achievements. We are honored to be recognized and called upon to model and provide insight for the leaders in our state.

What's next for Chadron High School? ... Continual Improvement.  Our staff is fearless in finding how to improve what we do. We are blessed to have the staff and students that are willing to put our school on the front lines of educational change. So .... stay tuned!