Friday, September 7, 2012

What is Remind101?

As a parent, you've probably noticed or heard your student refer to signing up for Remind101. Maybe you're wondering what Remind101 is all about, here's some information regarding this free tool used for communicating via text or email messages.

What is Remind101?Remind101 is a free website designed for teachers that provides a safe way for teachers to text message or email students and parents. Even thought it is originally designed for teachers, anyone can use the service.

Will students see the teacher's (or other student's) cell phone number?
No, that’s the beauty of remind101. Each teacher is assigned a phone number, which a student or parent will text to subscribe. Once subscribed, remind101 will ask for the students/parents name so that the teacher can identify them. remind101 never shows the teacher that person's number, which means they never see student numbers and students never see theirs.

How do students or parents sign up?
Students and parents sign up for notifications by sending a text message with a teacher's class code. They may alos sign up by sending an email to the teacher's code.

Who is using it at Chadron High School?
Last year, I used remind101 to notify staff of school notices (ex. school closings, or schedule changes). This year I've expanded it for all student and parents connected with our high school to share these notices (For instance: I used this service last week to notify students and parents that we had no school Thursday or Friday due to the wildfires). In addition, most teachers and coaches are using it with their students involved in their respective classrooms and activities.

How does Remind101 work?

First, a teacher adds his/her class, which generates a unique code. The teacher then shares that code with students or parents. At that point, any student or parent who sends a text message with the code will be "subscribed" to the teacher's class. Any time a teacher sends a message from remind101, all the students or parents subscribed will receive it.

Feel free to sign up for Chadron High School school notices for the this school year by sending a text to the number:  (412)203-8843  with the message "@chsnote"