Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Act Performance - "Crimes at the Old Brewery"

On Friday November 9th and 7 PM the Chadron High School one act team will present their performance of their competition piece “Crimes at the Old Brewery” by Tim Kelly.

The play is set in in the mid 1800s in a tenement house in New York City, where murderers, robbers, and assorted villains rules.  Jack O’Lantern, the head of the criminals rules the tenants.  No crime is too much for him.  Complications arise for this leader when the “Illustrated Police Gazette” plants a reporter within the Old Brewery that informs the public of the wretchedness of the building.  

When Jack kidnaps the beautiful Irene Felton he makes a fatal mistake.  The Committee for the Suppression of Crime and Vice decides the building must be destroyed.  When Jack tries to solve the problem to his own benefit, the walls come tumbling down.

The Old Brewery is not a fictional place.  It was a condemned brewery in 1837 and transformed into a tenement house.  Some accounts state that over 1,000 people were crowded into its walls.  The building was located in New York’s toughest crime area, the notorious Five Points District of Lower Manhattan.  Public outrage and the “Illustrated Police Gazette” caused The Old Brewery to be torn down in 1852.  

The play will cost $5 and will include an all you can eat dessert bar.

The one act team will also perform in Rushville in conjunction with the Gordon/Rushville one act team on Monday November 19th at 7 PM.  The team’s district competition will be Saturday December 1st in Alliance against seven other teams.  

Directed by:  Jill Paopao & Katy Dobry

Mohawk:  Caston Stack
The Rat:  Telli Morford
Drunken Sailor:  Miles Chasek
Pretty Polly:  Jenny Van Vleet
Margaret:  Kodi Milburn
Apple Woman:  Jenna Banzhaf
Ghoul:  Zach Fankhauser
Man:  Harlie Kennel
Rev. WIlkes:  Logan Lembke
Mrs. Wilkes: Ashley Trent
Mrs. Vanderbeek:  Veronica Parish
Inspector Burns:  Terran Honerkamp
Blind Alice:  Allie Johnson
Jack O’Lantern:  Lane Chasek
Deadleg:  Aaron Gaswick
Bridget Cole:  Tavia Passero
Irene Felton:  Alex Lutz
Fashionable Lady:  Shay Chamberlain
Alex Dalton
Joanna DeRosa
Misty Howard
Jolleen Toof
Aly Crow
Emily Lewin
Murphy Churchill
Lexi McMann
Skylar Roberts
Amanda Kolen
Ru LaGarry
Lights and Crew:  Weslee Jackson & Joe Cattin