Monday, November 26, 2012

Update: iPad Deployment

Students, we will be handing out the iPads on the following dates:
  • December 3rd @ 7pm for Seniors
  • December 4th @ 7pm for Juniors
  • December 10th @ 7pm for Sophomores
  • December 11th @ 7pm for Freshman
  • December 13th @ 3:30pm & 6pm for those who can’t make their initial date.

All events will take place in the CHS Auditorium. Siblings to an upperclassmen may join in on an earlier date, this courtesy is only to siblings. Please do not attend outside of your assigned date unless you have an older sibling.

Some key things to remember to bring with you to your assigned iPad date:

  1. Your network computer credentials (firstname.lastname & password)
  2. Your student email credentials ( & password)
  3. Your Apple ID credentials (your personal account will be used)
  4. Your Parent/Guardian!!!

*** If you have any trouble with any of these you will need to let Mr. Paopao know ASAP so that we can get them configured for you. If you have any questions please address them with Mr. Mack, Mr. Paopao, or Mr. Mittleider.