Thursday, October 9, 2014

Companion Animals Class

Jeanie Lambert, K9 Designs
(Submitted by Mrs. Moore, Companion Animals Instructor)
Wow! What an exciting year for Companion Animals.  We have had the opportunity for students to get hands-on learning with community members.

Our first guest speaker was Jeanie Lambert of K9 Designs in Crawford. Mrs. Lambert runs a grooming business.  We were able to see her equipment, talk about the changing expectations as a groomer, as well as, what it takes to run a small business. We learned about nail painting, coat dying, shampooing, and trimming.

Our second speaker was Roger Eaton.  He provides community dog training.  He demonstrated techniques with his dog "Freddy" and why it is important to have a properly trained animal.  Students asked a lot a great questions and were able to practice obedience skills using Freddy.

Our third speaker was in conjunction with Mr. Cogdill's Introduction to Agriculture class. Mr. Will White brought in his pair of (sister) ponies that he uses in parades. We were able to see his equipment, learn how he trained them,  how to hitch up the wagon and were able to even take a ride!  
Roger Eaton, Community Dog Training
We really appreciate community members taking time to help our students learn more about companion animals.

Will White Demonstrates Harnessing

Students enjoy a ride!