Monday, October 6, 2014

Grades and the Guidance Office

(Submitted by CHS Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Loni Watson)

In my current role as a counselor and previous role as a core-area teacher, I am often amazed how many students tell me they wish they had given better effort in their first few years of high school. These students come to a realization (usually their senior year) of how important their grades are in future plans. Data in the 11th annual edition of NACAC's "State of College Admission" report (2014) shows that students' grades and the academic rigor of their course loads are the single most important factor in college admissions. College is not the only reason to work hard academically, employers are looking for workers who are dedicated, competent, reliable, and that take initiative, all of which can be earned during the course of high school. The habits you develop during your time at Chadron High School will help in discovering that working hard and pushing yourself in high school sets students up for success later in life.

There are a million excuses to what may lead to poor grades, but the truth is that with effort and attendance this can and should be turned around quickly. The teachers at CHS are some of the best I've had the privilege of working with and all CHS staff members want students to succeed. The guidance office is a GREAT resource for students who are struggling academically. Here's how we can help:

  1. Weekly Assignment Checks for ALL Students 9-12
    • If students are slipping in class or missing assignments they have likely spoken with us in the guidance office. If they continue to slip you can expect a phone call home and an action plan in place to get back on track.
  2. 5th Block (3:15-3:45) Assistance by both the Guidance Office and CHS Teachers
    • This time is in place for students to get help and/or to make up any missing work. If students are failing a class this is a mandatory study hall period.
  3. Contact Teachers and Guidance Office with Concerns
    • The guidance office at CHS is available to help with any academic or social concerns you may have. It's always best to first talk to your teacher with issues but remember you can call us at any point to discuss what we can do to help. We want to see you succeed and would love to be of assistance!