Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anatomy and Physiology Class Dissection

brain labeled
(Submitted by CHS Junior, Murphy Churchill)
Students in Mr. Bradley's Anatomy and Physiology class recently have stepped into the world of dissection. Donning their protective gloves, aprons, and gathering their dissection utensils, students were able to discover hands-on what they have learned in the classroom.
IMG_0596.JPGEach individual student received a sheep brain to dissect and discover anatomical parts of that were discussed previously in the chapter. Students discovered structures of the brain such as: medulla oblongata, cerebrum, cerebellum, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thalamus, etc. The lab practicum asked students to identify the anatomical parts of the outer brain. Then the lab instructed students to make an incision down the middle of the brain, revealing the inner structures of the sheep brain.
IMG_0597.JPG The dissection lab helped students to better understand the actions of the structures they were required to identify. The lab practicum provided several benefits for Mr. Bradley’s students: hands-on activity, and identify structures and their activities. Discovering the structures and the processes they perform to properly function the brain develops a better understanding of the chemical and electrical levels of the body’s vital organ.
Mr. Bradley’s Anatomy and Physiology students: Kiya Passero, Alea Brierly, and Mikaela Hastings perform their dissection on the sheep brain provided for them. Hands-on activity allows students to use what they learned from the textbook and apply it to real life situations.