Friday, March 27, 2015

CSC Scholastic Results

Chadron High School Finished 2nd in the 2015 Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest!

Division III Top Three Teams

  1. 17.188  St. Thomas More
  2. 12.960  Chadron
  3. 8.551    Kimball

Students scoring in the top 25% are listed with Top 3 finishers highlighted.

American History
   1st - Andrew Smith
   2nd - Greg McCallum

Advanced Mathematics
   10th - Alex Westerbuhr

Business Management Decision Making
   6th - Makenzy Petty

Earth Science
   6th - Cody Madsen

General Science
   3rd - Joe Matt
   15th - Coy Bila

Business Communications and Vocabulary
   2nd - Jayden Garrett

Business Information Systems
   6th - Kaci Waugh

General Anatomy and Physiology
   7th - Mikaela Hastings

Nutrition and Family Health
   5th - Laine Jersild
   6th - Alea Brierly

Plane Geometry
   4th - Walt Mays

   6th - Jayden Stack

Business Law
   2nd - Alexandria Nobiling
   4th - Case Spencer

   13th - Seth Sloan

Consumer Issues
   6th - Madeline Clark

English Usage
   1st - Walt Mays
   9th - Shoilee Rahman

Personal Finance
    7th - Jayden Garrett

Physical Education Sports Knowledge
   3rd - Jackson Dickerson

Algebra I
   2nd - Hunter Hawk
   5th - Cody Madsen

Algebra II
   2nd - Jayden Garrett
   3rd - Mikaela Hastings

Animal Science
   4th - Kane Wellnitz
   8th - Laine Riesen

Business Mathematics
   6th - Greta Welch

   3rd - Alea Brierly

   9th - Aaron Gaswick