Monday, October 19, 2015

CHS Hosts “Apply2College” Event

Chadron High School Hosts “Apply2College” Event
October 5th-9th

Seniors at Chadron High School took a critical step in the college preparation process when they participated in a college week that concluded with a college application event at the school. Throughout the course of the week CHS students attended a college fair at CSC, wore college attire, played trivia games for gear and prizes, and cheered seniors on as they took their first steps by filling out their first college applications.

The event is part of a statewide Apply2College Campaign sponsored by EducationQuest Foundation. Over 150 high schools statewide are conducting Apply2College events this fall to help high school seniors apply to at least one college.

During the event at Chadron High SChool, seniors got hands-on help with college applications from school staff.

Completing a college application can be overwhelming for many students – especially those from families unfamiliar with the process,” said Loni Watson. “This event was designed to help reduce college application barriers many students face and should increase the number of seniors who go on to pursue higher education.”

The Apply2College Campaign is part of the American College Application Campaign initiative sponsored by the American Council on Education. All states are now participating in the annual program. States that have participated in previous years are finding that as many as 79 percent of students who submit a college application go on to attend college.