Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AP Biology - Chicken Embryology Lab

     For the past 18 days, the AP Biology students have been diligently caring for fertilized chicken eggs.  Mr. Terran Hornerkamp donated 12 chicken eggs to be incubated and studied.  The gestation period for baby chicks is 21 days.

       Ten days into development, the class broke through an egg shell using a Dremmel drill.  The baby chick had fully developed organs but a soft beak and feet with no talons.  The chick even had the beginnings of short dark feathers along its dorsal side. 
       At 17 days, the class broke through another egg shell and found a very well developed and still partially alive chick.  The baby responded to mechanical stimuli and could move wings, legs, head, and beak.  The umbilical cord was easily noticeable and its’ head and eyes seemed proportionate with its body size.  Additionally, the feet were scaled and complete with talons.  The chick had a full coat of dark feathers.   Stop by the biology room to see the 17 day embryo in a jar.

       The estimated arrival date for the baby chicks to hatch is Friday, March 23rd.   See pictures below!!!!