Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chadron High Post-Graduate Survey 2010

At the end of each July we have LifeTrack Services, Inc. mail surveys to our May Graduates. This week I've been reading the results of the survey from our last graduating class. These surveys are mailed to all graduates, 57% returned the completed survey last fall.

The first question shows that 65% of the graduates are enrolled in a 4-year college, 22% in a 2-year college or vocational/technical school, 22% are working full time, 16% part time and 3% are in the military. We are proud that so many of our graduates seek more education beyond high school.

Over 89% of the graduates responded that they were offered a well-rounded education through a rich variety of experiences at Chadron High School.  5% responded no, and 5% did not respond to this question.

In the next question, again 89% of the graduates said that their CHS teachers hold high academic standards and require quality work.  8% responded no to this question with 3% did not respond.

"Was the reading that was encouraged or required in your coursework and/or for pleasure made a priority at CHS?"   95% responded yes, 3% no, 2% did not respond.

"Since graduation, have you found your skill level of reading and writing to be adequate for your present position in college and/or the workplace?"  92% responded yes,  5% no, 3% did not respond.

There are many other exciting results specific to courses and other socio-economic data is collected as well. We use this data to fine tune our offerings and track our progress each year.

These results are encouraging for our staff here at Chadron High School. We have made several efforts in the past four years to implement new Advanced Placement courses as well as adding more relevant and rigorous material in other advanced classes. At the same time, we hold firm that our applied and fine arts classes continue to allow opportunities for students to seek a variety of technical skills incorporating a 'well-rounded' graduate.

Next year, we will be partnering with Chadron State College with offering some of our classes for dual credit. We are still in the planning phase, but it looks as though we will be able to offer up to 11 of our current classes for college credit. Juniors and seniors will pay a one-time $15 matriculation fee then are able to pay only $50 per credit hour to take our classes, here at the high school, and receive college credit from Chadron State. We hope to have the plan finalized this spring. This will be the first time that high school classes can receive credit from a 4-year institution. We hope that this will not only be a tremendous cost saving effort for families but will install a sense of college success for our graduates leading to a higher percentage completing college degrees.

Thank you to all of the graduates that took the time to complete the LifeTrack survey, and thank you to all of our staff for the outstanding job that they do in preparing students for future successes!