Friday, March 30, 2012

CHS Hosts Local Welding Competition

On April 13th, the day of the Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest, Chadron High School will host a welding contest to promote the Industrial Arts program.

Schools from Crawford, Pine Ridge Job Corps, Chadron, and Gordon-Rushville will bring students to compete in individual and team competion in two divisions: Welding I and Welding II.

In Welding I, each team will be able to have one first-year welding student compete in the Oxy-fuel welding, Mig welding, arc butt & lap welding and finally the tee welds.  Welding I students will also complete a 30 question welding exam.  In the the Welding II competition, teams of two students will complete welds in the vertical up and down tee weld, as well as horizontal and overhead welding. Teams of four students will weld in the cube competition.

Schools were sent designs which list the specific skills and are bringing their own welding rod, metal cut to size and tacked, and safety equipment.

This is the first year that a welding competition has been organized. A special thanks to Chadron High teacher, Jon Cogdill for his efforts in putting this competition together.