Thursday, April 19, 2012

Literature Circles - English II

Mrs. Beguin's English II class recently completed a student-led project called Literature Circles. Students chose the people in their groups and also the book they would be reading. Coming up with multiple copies of books that the students were interested in reading was a definite challenge! A couple even chose to buy a book and read it on their iPad or iPod. Time was devoted each day to reading and completing their specific "jobs" in the Lit Circle. The different job titles included: Theme Theorist, Art Designer, Discussion Leader and Character Commentator. Each of these leaders asked their group to complete certain weekly tasks. These are posted on the class blog: When the students finished reading the books, each group was responsible for creating a "Common Craft" video. They first were shown an example (Zombies in Plain English at: ) and then created their own based on their book. Each group was responsible for creating a script, a storyboard, props and finally, producing the video. The videos feature student's hands, props and one person reading a script. Check out the great job these students did: