Tuesday, April 17, 2012

State Testing Begins!

Two weeks of State testing begins today!  Yesterday I visited with the juniors about the importance of state testing to show proficiency in the core classes of reading, writing, math, and science. The goal of these tests is not to be classified as 'Advanced' or 'Exceptional', these tests are to show that each student has gained the basic knowledge of these subjects. Our hope is that each junior takes the time to provide an honest assessment of their skills.

I challenged the juniors to be competitive. Last year, we had outstanding test scores. We were one of the highest scoring schools of 21 districts in the panhandle of Nebraska. This year my expectations is to exceed last years' scores. I reminded our students that it is important to have enough sleep each night, that if they are sick or absent, we will provide a make-up day for any tests they have missed.

Also, all freshman and sophomores will be taking the NWEA/Maps tests. These scores are used to track individual progress for each student. All of these tests provide important information for our staff to make necessary adjustments to curriculum. They also provide students and parents with yearly progress and can help identify strengths for career choices after high school.

Good luck to all of our students taking tests!