Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CHS State Test Scores Arrive!

(The following is submitted by Maribeth Moore, the CPS Curriculum Director)

2011-12 NeSA State Reading, Math and Science Score Release

The recent release of Chadron Public School’s 2012 Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) Reading, Math, and Science report on student results proved very exciting!  Statewide tests were administered earlier last spring in grades 3 through 8 and at the 11th grade. The tests measure Nebraska state standards. These scores are part of state and federal calculations used in determining Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).   Parents will receive a report on their child’s scores after August 21.

As a district, Chadron Public Schools performed exceptionally well and numerous grade levels performed greater than the state average.  Our students and staff should be celebrated!  Positive outcomes can only be attained when everyone is working together. Every CPS staff member is a reading teacher, allowing all other content areas to be enhanced.  Our student performance data speaks for itself as we continue to progress.  Students, staff, and all other stakeholders should be very proud of what we are accomplishing at Chadron Public Schools; celebrations are being scheduled to acknowledge their efforts.

We still, however, have challenges.  Our goal is to turn these challenges into successes.  Test results provide another effective tool to improve instruction for every child, but no single test score can tell the full story about the performance of an individual student or a school building or district.  The CPS focus will remain on growth and gain for all students.  The staff will continue to align grade level and content area curriculum, analyze data, reflect, and determine a course of action continuing to narrow our achievement gaps.  Chadron Schools are extremely proud of our accomplishments (given changes to Rural, Elementary and Middle Schools consolidating and reconfiguring by grade level, staff and student reassignments prior to the 2011-12 school  year) as should students, parents, grandparents, and community members.  In closing, we can’t thank our students enough.   Huge accolades go to our student body. Students stepped up and applied the learning. They demonstrated what Chadron Public Schools does best- preparing for the future.

Maribeth Moore
Curriculum Director

(Results and thoughts from Mr. Mack, CHS Principal)
Here are the results our our high school juniors that tested last spring.

  Below the Standards: CHS 11%, State 36%
  Meets the Standards:  CHS 36%, State 39%
  Exceeds Standards:   CHS 54%, State 25%!!!  we had 6 perfect scores!

  Below the Standards: CHS 21%, State 45%   ...note how high the state avg is here!  :(
  Meets the Standards:  CHS 41%, State 35%
  Exceeds Standards:   CHS 38%, State 21%   ...we had 5 perfect scores!

  Below the Standards: CHS 13%, State 33%
  Meets the Standards:  CHS 66%, State 54%   ...the first year this was tested ... very pleased!
  Exceeds Standards:   CHS 21%, State 13%   ...1 perfect score!

Overall, you can see why we are so excited at the academic successes we are maintaing at Chadron High School. I have looked at the data from other schools in the State to compare our scores, and I can report that I am very pleased to see Chadron High School lead the charge in educating students. Our successes did not happen overnight. We have spent many years in meeting and mapping curriculum as a K-12 system. Our school goals are reading and writing, we emphasize that every teacher in our school teaches reading and writing, with this foundation we build comprehension in other subject areas.

Thank you to our students and staff for all the work every day that is required to maintain this excellence!