Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dual-Credit Opportunities Expand

For the first time, Chadron High School has partnered with Chadron State College to offer dual-credit classes through a new program called "ACES" - Access to College Engagement and Success. This new dual enrollment program is designed for Nebraska high school juniors and seniors. Here are some quick facts for students and parents:

  • Take college courses while still enrolled in high school.
  • Access high quality, low cost college classes associated with a variety of majors and general studies at Chadron State College.
  • Pay a low flat rate of $50 per credit hour or $150 per three credit course. There is a one-time $15 matriculation fee. State scholarships are available for low-income students.
  • Interact with CSC professors online or face-to-face.
  • Accelerate degree completion with credits earned while still living at home and enrolled in high school.
  • Participate fully your junior and senior year of high school and save up to $7,000 on the cost of a bachelor's degree with the possibility of completing your degree in just three more years.
  • All credits are generally transferable to other colleges and universities.

For this first year, Chadron High School is offering six classes as dual-enrollment.
  • CHS AP Literature counts as CSC ENG 160 for 3 credits.
  • CHS Personal Finance counts as CSC FIN 239 for 3 credits.
  • CHS AP US History (year-long course) counts as CSC HIST 231 and HIST 232 for 6 credits.
  • CHS Pre-Calculus counts as CSC MATH 142 for 4 credits.
  • CHS AP Calculus counts as CSC MATH 138 for 3 credits.
  • CHS AP Statistics counts as CSC MATH 232 for 3 credits.
In addition to this new ACES program with Chadron State College, we continue to offer dual enrollment opportunities with WNCC with our Medical Terminology and Basic Nursing classes. We also allow students to pay full price to take CSC classes on their campus. 35 of our students are currently enrolled in at least one of these college credit opportunities.