Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anatomy Class Tours Radiology Department

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Peyton Wallage)
On Thursday, April 23 the Anatomy and Physiology class toured the Radiology Department and Chadron Community Hospital. 

I would like to send a big thanks to Jodi Dannar, Head of the Radiology Department. Mrs. Dannar bestowed a lot of very helpful information for our class and helped us understand all of the different divisions such as: X-Ray, CT Scan, Bone Density, Mammography and Ultrasound, also there is the MRI portable machine which only available certain days of the month. 

The X-Ray machine is used to look for breaks in bones. The CT Scan uses several different X-Ray pictures to see several different structures in the human body. The Bone Density is used to measure bone loss or decrease in bone density. The Ultrasound or Sonography machine is used for looking at babies in the womb but also uses high-frequency sound waves to make images of organs inside the body more visible. The Mammography machine is used to check for breast cancer in both women and men.

She also explained her story about having breast cancer and about the importance of breast exams in both females and males since the growing rate of males getting breast cancer is increasing. She eluded that research is pointing towards energy drinks being a leading cause for male breast cancer. She also explained how certain machines work and what they need to work, as the example the X-Ray machine and how it needs the digital imaging plate in order to get the image of the broken bone. She informed us on some changes in the training since she was in school. We also learned what types of continuing education she is required to do and how often or how many hours are needed. 

Mrs. Dannar was very helpful in explaining what each area of radiology consists of and specialization of the nurses that are needed.