Monday, April 27, 2015

Anatomy & Physiology Class Field Trip

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Alea Brierly)
On Tuesday April 21st, the Anatomy and Physiology class of Chadron High had the

opportunity to visit with Mrs. Stef Pelton at the WIC Clinic/Immunization Clinic.

Mrs. Pelton talked to us about all the services that the clinic offers. She talked about some of the immunizations that college kids need before college, ones that babies need and even some that people need every 7 years such as tetanus. When parents choose to not vaccinate their kids, they are putting their kids at greater risk for something that someone who was vaccinated probably wouldn't get. She gave us advice to remember as most of us go off to college next year such as continuing our education. She also told us to job shadow so we assure ourselves we want to pursue a particular career. She talked briefly about family planning and prevention of spreading STD's.

We want to thank Mrs. Pelton for taking the time to talk to us and passing along her knowledge.  We are also thankful for this wonderful opportunity to explore medical professions around Chadron which helps us explore possible careers in the medical profession.