Thursday, April 2, 2015

CHS Expands Music Offerings!

We are excited to announce that Chadron High School will be expanding music offerings to students!

Two factors are allowing CHS to more than triple their music offerings. First, Chadron Middle School will offer instrumental and vocal classes to all 5-8th grade students during the middle of the day which provides music instructors additional time to spend with high school students during the mornings and afternoons. Second, a staff member will be hired to teach vocal music half a day while providing music paraprofessional support for the other half-day. This new position will serve both the high school and middle school.

Currently, CHS students have been offered two music courses during the school day: band and choir.  The new course offerings not only include band and choir, but will feature the additional courses: basic guitar, music appreciation, instrumental lab, choir ensemble, and music theatre. Course descriptions with curriculum details are currently being drafted.

Since most CHS students have chosen classes for next year (prior to finalizing this announcement), they have been informed to visit with the Guidance Office to make schedule changes if interested in enrolling in one of the five new classes.

 Cardinal Singers is an extra-curricular show choir that will continue to practice before school. After discussion, it was decided to continue Cardinal Singer practices before school which benefits students by eliminating scheduling conflicts year-to-year.