Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Advanced Biology Dissects Turtles

Along with many hours of taking notes and studying, Mr. Bradley's Advanced Biology class opened up a world of hands-on learning activities. Not only has the class dissected crawfish, and frogs, but recently they were able to dissect a turtle.
The class learned many skills during this lab, listening and following directions on a paper, teamwork, and the slow and steady hands of a scientist dissecting its specimen. The class was divided up into groups of two, each group received their own materials and turtle to dissect. The process was difficult. The removal of the shell allowed the students to realize the importance of the turtle's protection, and how strong it really was.
Following each step, the groups carefully analyzed the organs inside the turtle, allowing them to see where these systems take place, broadening their understanding of how a turtle's internal organs work.

After tedious work sorting and identifying structures and organs students answered questions in the lab worksheet. All of the steps that they took improved their knowledge of the turtle and showed another efficient method of studying, hands-on. The students greatly enjoyed the lab and learning about the turtle.