Monday, April 14, 2014

FFA State Convention Results

2014 Chadron State FFA Results

Wow! It takes a lot of courage and intestinal fortitude to step up and try something new (perhaps even a little scary) and that’s what members of the new Chadron FFA did.

Team:  Clay Madsen, Toni Doescher, Murphy Churchill and Brooke Roes
17th out of 95 schools (top 82%)
Team Score:  Blue Ribbon
Individual Scores
Clay Madsen 24th out of 380 (top 94%) Purple ribbon
Toni Doescher 70th out of 380 (top 18%) Blue Ribbon
Murphy Churchill 155 out of 380 (top 60%) White Ribbon
Brooke Roes 196 out of 380 (just inched out of a white ribbon)

Natural Science:
Team:  Clay Madsen,Toni Doescher, Murphy Churchill and Brooke Roes
39th out of 75 schools 
Team Score: White Ribbon
Individual Scores
Clay Madsen 5th out of 296 (top 98%) Purple ribbon
Toni Doescher 133rd out of 296 (top 56%) White Ribbon
Murphy and Brooke (contributed to team white ribbon placing)

Meats Evaluation:
Team:  Jerhett Cattin, Matt Kerner, Thurston Selby, Joe Cattin
57th out of 92 schools 
Team Score: no ribbon
Individual results
Jerhett Cattin 98 out of 368 (top 73%) Red Ribbon  
Matt, Thurston and Joe (contributed to team score placing)

Senior Livestock Evaluation:
Team: Lanie Riesen, Willy Cogdill, Devin Mitchell, Syllisa Jennings
23rd out of 76 schools 
Team Score: Red ribbon
Individual results
Lanie Riesen 22nd out of 304 (top 7%)
Willy Cogdill 91st out of 304 (top 70%)
Devin and Syllisa (contributed to team red ribbon placing)

Junior Public Speaking:
Individual results

Ms. Moore and Mr. Cogdill