Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CHS Musical This Weekend!

The CHS Musical, under the direction of Jon Marquez, will present Into The Woods this weekend at the Chadron High School Auditorium. Show times are:

Friday, April 27 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, April 28 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, April 29 @ 2:00pm

World History Class Digs Artifacts

Mrs. Harford's World History class dug artifacts today for an archaeological simulation project.  Each of the five groups choose an ancient culture to investigate and create clay artifact representing their society.  They then buried the artifacts and another group excavated their artifacts.  The groups will analyze the artifacts to determine what culture they represent. With the extra five minutes of burying time, they choose to bury senior Hunter Hageman!:)

Monday, April 23, 2012

CHS Year-End Special Activities/Events

It amazes me to look at the calendar and see the many year-end events that are about to take place. Many of these events are to celebrate our seniors on their successful four-year campaign to receive a high school diploma. Our expectations here are very high and we are very proud and excited to honor our students at these events.

Here's the schedule of special events:

Kiwanis Program           Thursday, April 26th         1:00p              CHS Auditorium

Jr/Sr Prom                      Saturday,May 5th               7:00p             CSC Student Center
Senior Baccalaureate    Sunday, May 6th                  7:00p              CHS Auditorium
Honor’s Night                 Monday, May 7th                 7:00p              CHS Auditorium
Seniors Check-Out        Wednesday, May 9th          7:55a               CHS
        (Grades 9-11 start classes at 9:00am on Wednesday, May 9th)
Graduation Practice     Wednesday, May 9th          10:00a            CSC Armstrong Gym
Graduation                      Sunday, May 13th               2:00p              CSC Armstrong Gym

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Literature Circles - English II

Mrs. Beguin's English II class recently completed a student-led project called Literature Circles. Students chose the people in their groups and also the book they would be reading. Coming up with multiple copies of books that the students were interested in reading was a definite challenge! A couple even chose to buy a book and read it on their iPad or iPod. Time was devoted each day to reading and completing their specific "jobs" in the Lit Circle. The different job titles included: Theme Theorist, Art Designer, Discussion Leader and Character Commentator. Each of these leaders asked their group to complete certain weekly tasks. These are posted on the class blog: limlit.blogspot.com. When the students finished reading the books, each group was responsible for creating a "Common Craft" video. They first were shown an example (Zombies in Plain English at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVnfyradCPY ) and then created their own based on their book. Each group was responsible for creating a script, a storyboard, props and finally, producing the video. The videos feature student's hands, props and one person reading a script. Check out the great job these students did: limlit.blogspot.com

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

State Testing Begins!

Two weeks of State testing begins today!  Yesterday I visited with the juniors about the importance of state testing to show proficiency in the core classes of reading, writing, math, and science. The goal of these tests is not to be classified as 'Advanced' or 'Exceptional', these tests are to show that each student has gained the basic knowledge of these subjects. Our hope is that each junior takes the time to provide an honest assessment of their skills.

I challenged the juniors to be competitive. Last year, we had outstanding test scores. We were one of the highest scoring schools of 21 districts in the panhandle of Nebraska. This year my expectations is to exceed last years' scores. I reminded our students that it is important to have enough sleep each night, that if they are sick or absent, we will provide a make-up day for any tests they have missed.

Also, all freshman and sophomores will be taking the NWEA/Maps tests. These scores are used to track individual progress for each student. All of these tests provide important information for our staff to make necessary adjustments to curriculum. They also provide students and parents with yearly progress and can help identify strengths for career choices after high school.

Good luck to all of our students taking tests!

Monday, April 16, 2012

1st Annual Welding Competition Results

Congratulations to the CHS welding students for a great job during Fridays welding competition. Chadron High School hosted the event. Teams from Chadron, Gordon-Rushville, Crawford, and Pine Ridge Job Corps competed in a variety of skill events.

A special thanks to Arrow Building and Colton Scherbarth for sponsoring the trophy plaques.

Chadron Results:
Welding I Division
Oxy/Aceteyleen Welding - - 2nd place - - Ben Criss
Arc Tee                                    - -  1st place - - Cooper Cogdill
Arc Lap & Buttweld            - -   1st place - - Quentin Broberg
MIG Welding                         - -   3rd place - - Matt Dierksen

Welding II Division
Overhead & Horizontal - - 2nd place - - Brenton Bauerkemper
Vertical Tee                       - - 2nd place - - Nate Toof             

Friday, April 13, 2012

CSC Scholastic Day

A full list of team and individual results can be found here.

2012 CSC Scholastics Results –Nice job to all participants!  We sent 48 students this year.
Special recognition should be given to the following students for placing in the top 3:

Place Winners
Nick American Horse                                  3rd Place
                                                                                    World History
Lane Chasek                                                 2nd Place
Colin Hyatt                                                   2nd Place
                                                                                    Teaching Presentation
Brittany Kouba                                             2nd Place
                                                                                    Business Law
Geoffrey Ledbetter                                       3rd Place
                                                                                    Advanced Mathematics
                                                                        1st Place          
                                                                                    English Usage
Jamie McLain                                               3rd Place
                                                                                    Human Development and Family Life           
Garrett Meisman                                          1st Place
                                                                                    Personal Finance
Sierra Passero                                              3rd Place

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Animal Science Class

Today, the Animal Science class made homemade ice cream. Helping with today's event is CHS Teacher and Assessment Coordinator, Mari Beth Moore.

Animal Science is a class offered through distance learning instructed by Sioux County teacher, Trisha Hunter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Student Council Fundraiser this Saturday!

Check out this promotional video from the Chadron High School Student Council for their upcoming fundraising event!

The Chadron High School Student Council will be hosting a fund raiser this Saturday, April 14th from 9am-4pm to raise money for a new high school marquee. Wahlstrom Ford has agreed to host a 'Drive-One-4-Your-School' event where $20 is donated to the school for every test drive. The event will take place in the high school parking lot. Lunch will be available as well. Thank you to Wahlstrom Ford and the Student Council for all of their efforts!

Troubles viewing the video?  Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYOSAYWZAg4

Monday, April 9, 2012

Explorations in "Nature"

The week of April 2-5th students in Mrs. Lanphear’s English III were studying American essayists Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and the American Transcendentalists of the 1850’s. Although the reading was difficult, students rose to the challenge. Mrs. Lanphear stated, “With great work comes great rewards,” and on Wednesday, April 4th students were allowed to temporarily leave campus with their instructor for a “nature hike.” The hike lasted approximately 35 minutes. After reaching their destination (the Chadron water tower across the street from the high school), students spread out across the front of the hill, nestled into their seats in nature, and worked silently and separately to complete their “sensory charts”—where they recorded the things they could see, smell, hear, taste, and touch.

The whole adventure was intended to help students connect with Emerson’s thoughts in his essay “Nature.” Once back in the classroom, students used their charts to write a descriptive paragraph chronicling their outdoor experience. The following class period students were required to write a second paragraph where they connected their nature experience to Emerson’s using MLA cited quotes from his text. When asked how Emerson’s belief “that the magnificent American landscape itself” could inspire new American perspectives (a reoccurring theme of this American Literature based class), students concluded that “Chadron looked small” from on top of the hill and that Emerson must have felt small in the natural world too. Finally, after the brief discussion, students headed to the computer lab to meet global and digital learning standards by sharing their ideas with one another on the classroom blog site “Blogging with Mrs. Lanphear.”  

Monday, April 2, 2012

FBLA Attends State Conference

The Chadron High Future Leaders of America attended the annual State Leadership Conference in Omaha on March 29-31, which was the 50th Celebration Year of Nebraska FBLA.  While at the conference, students went on a big business tour of the TD Ameritrade Center, listened to the keynote speaker, Keith Hawkins, and attended a variety of workshops.  But most importantly, Chadron students competed amongst all class levels in many different business competitions.  Chadron was represented well by the local FBLA chapter as students took trips across the stage to receive their awards.  Peyton Hinn and Bailea Kerr placed 4th with their E-Business Project. Chrissy Calamari made it into semi-finals of job interview and received an honorable mention for her achievement. Trevor Hinn made it into the final round of Impromptu Speaking and landed an 8th place spot.  Caston Stack represented Chadron well with a 7th place finish in Introduction to Technology Concepts and an honorable mention in Keyboarding Knowledge.  Honors also went to Ashlynne Noble and Kaylee Gaswick for qualifying for the All-State Quality Member and Trevor Hinn was Chadron’s representative for Who’s Who in Nebraska FBLA and received a plaque for that honor.  As a chapter, Chadron received the Sweepstakes Award also earning a plaque. The following is a list of the awards and accomplishments among members in attendance:

·      E-Business – Peyton Hinn and Bailea Kerr – 4th  Place (out of 4 teams)
·      Impromptu Speaking – Trevor Hinn – 7th Place (out of 40 students)
·      Job Interview – Chrissy Calamari – Honorable Mention (top 4% of 432 students)
·      Keyboarding Knowledge – Caston Stack – Honorable Mention (top 4% of 359 students)
·      Introduction To Technology Concepts – Caston Stack – 7th Place (out of 157 students)
·      Web Site Design – Kaylee Gaswick, Taylor Stotheide and Jaycee Housh – 8th Place (out of 12 teams)
·      All-State Quality Member Award – Ashlynne Noble and Kaylee Gaswick
·      Chapter Sweepstakes Award
·      Who’s Who in Nebaska FBLA Award – Trevor Hinn