Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Renovations for HS Media Center Underway!

One of this summer's projects in the high school is to update our library into a more modern media center. We have recently added opportunities for students to utilize online research tools as well as ebook subscriptions. We hope to have an expanded list of books for students to download and view on ereaders as soon as this fall. In addition to these offerings, we will do some remodeling.

Last week, we removed all of the lower shelving in the middle of the library moving books to all of the exterior wall shelving. Walls will be painted next week followed by carpet replacement with possible lighting upgrades.  The goal is to remodel this large area into a media center including study tables and lounge seating for students.

New carpeting and paint has been scheduled for the library this year, but due to the typical financial restraints of school districts, we will be adding furniture slowly over the next couple of years as funds exist. If you would like to donate to the high school library remodel fund, or know of possible donors, please contact Chadron Public Schools for more information 432-0700.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FFA Officers Attend Leadership Conference

(Submitted by Chadron FFA Officers)
During May 16-18th, the newly formed Chadron FFA Chapter officer's of 2013-2014 traveled east to Aurora, Nebraska.  Prior to the trip we were fortunate with numerous community supporters in fundraising dollars to help support our newly formed FFA organization. With high hopes in returning with new knowledge and skills in getting our program up and running we were pleased with the outcome. 

When we arrived we were divided into groups with our specific state officer. While on the 3 day adventure we were able to individually, and as a team, learn skills about leadership, organization, parliamentary procedure, program of activities and operation of an FFA chapter.  For recreational activities we were allowed to paddle boat, play football, play volleyball, along with several other fun activities. 

The Chadron officers that attended were: President Cooper Cogdill, Vice President Matthew Dierkson, Secretary Devin Mitchell, Treasurer Willy Cogdill, Reporter Lanie Riesen, and Sentinel Toni Doescher. Not only were the people generous in their teachings but understanding of our new program and more than happy to help us in getting started. This organization has so far been nothing but a positive experience and we look forward to continue growing our Chadron High School FFA Chapter.

Year-End Barbecue!

The CHS grill, made by our welding classes.
Once again, we celebrated the end of a great school year with a community barbecue.  Students from each school, parents, and patrons all showed up to enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, and plenty of snacks!

Photo from last year's bbq.
A special thanks to our CHS Student Council who served the meals, and to our CHS Staff for all of the help cooking and assisting at the food tables.

We wish everyone a great and safe summer!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anatomy and Physiology Class Visits Veterinary Clinic

(Submitted by CHS Junior, Miles Chasek)

The CHS Anatomy and Physiology Class field trip to Panhandle Veterinary Clinic was, in all respects, a truly rewarding experience. In our tour of the clinic, we gained insight on the medical field lying outside of the human realm. We learned the circuitous route to veterinary practice, the ins and outs of a veterinary career, and the surprising amount of work that goes into caring for our beloved animal brethren.
Nearly every inch of the establishment was covered during the tour. The small animal department was the first partition to be examined. There, students inspected the small animal examining, operating, and boarding facilities. Students then toured the large animal facility and its corresponding laboratory. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) John E Gamby was busy performing sperm analyses on cattle during the tour, but he still shared his time for a brief Q&A session and even prepared a microscope slide of cattle sperm for students to view. The tour ended with an excursion to the clinic’s neighboring supply shop--which carried a number of select pet foods and specialty items.
While we have spent the past semester covering only human anatomy and physiology, this field trip was still applicable to our curriculum. Anatomy and physiology forms the foundation of medical studies--which covers a much broader population than humans alone. Veterinarians are needed to service the world’s vast wealth of domesticated animals--from Felix to Fido, and even the newborn foal.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Parents - Please Complete This Survey!

Click here to complete the High School Parent/Guardian Survey

In an effort to improve system practices, Chadron Public Schools is conducting a survey in preparation for the 2013-14 Accreditation Cycle. We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey. In order to complete the survey, please click on the above link (which can also be found on the home page).

Thank you very much!

Paper Making Shown to Art 9 Class

Students from Mrs. Bird's Art9 Class take part in a paper making workshop conducted by Mr. Richard Bird at Chadron State College. Each student made 2-3 pieces of  "art" paper. They also were able to watch bead making being done in front of a torch.

AP Stats Conducts Distracted Driving Research

Distracted Driving Awareness
The AP Statistics class was given the challenge of running an experiment to determine if there is statistical evidence as to whether or not a number of distractions really impacted driving ability. The class was first asked to research different distractions one may encounter while driving in order to create a hypotheses as to what they felt would occur according to previous experiments.
The students chose to impose four different factors (distracted conversation, beer goggles, texting, and eating) on their participants during their trials. Data was collected by measuring the amount of time students took while driving a golf cart with and without distractions. The students then ran statistical tests to determine if their outcomes showed a significant difference.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wildlife Class Helps With Reforestation

The Chadron High Wildlife class trekked to Chadron State Park this week, compliments of guest speaker, Shelley Steffl.  She joined our class to explain her job and new project (native seed blocks) she's has been working on.  Blocks were designed to help with reforestation, because of last fall's wildfires. This unique idea provides for seed dispersal over rough terrain, while encased in a "natural" fertilized cocoon by nomadic animals.  The Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Game & Parks, Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Forest Service partnered the project.

Mrs. Steffl discussed career opportunities, essential job skills and educational requirements. The trip was a community service project for students as they began the unit on National Parks. The curriculum focus was reseeding burned areas of the park by dispersing seed blocks, examining regrowth and reflecting on the role that fire plays in an ecosystem.  We had a wonderful time and appreciate the opportunity!

Respectfully submitted by   
Maribeth Moore
Curriculum Director/

Science Instructor
Chadron Public Schools