Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Chadron High School Ranks #6 Best School In Nebraska for 2019

We're proud to announce that Chadron High School ranks as the #6 'Best High School' in Nebraska for 2019 according to the newest release of the U.S. News & World Report rankings.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that Chadron High School ranked in the top six high schools in the state.  

Previous rankings include:

    • 2015  2nd
    • 2016  6th
    • 2017  5th
    • 2018  3rd
    • 2019  6th

(Excerpt from usnews.com)
Chadron Senior High School is ranked sixth within Nebraska. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The AP® participation rate at Chadron Senior High School is 19%. The total minority enrollment is 22%, and 37% of students are economically disadvantaged. 

2019 Rankings

Chadron Senior High School is ranked #2,518 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.
All rankings:
2019 U.S. News & World Report State Rankings
#1  Elkhorn South
#2  Elkhorn High
#3  Millard North
#4  Bennington
#5 Millard West
#6  Chadron

Thursday, April 25, 2019

HS Sports Physicals - Thursday, May 2nd at 7:00am

The High School sports physicals are scheduled for Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 7am in the High School Gym/locker room area.  

Students can pick up a sports physical form from the office. We request that parents/guardians fill in the Health History and sign permission at the bottom of physical form.  Then return the completed form to the high school along with the $5 donation.

Your student MUST have the form signed and returned to receive a physical.

(From the School Nurses)
Chadron Public School
Sports/Extracurricular Activity Physicals

Any student that intends on participating in any sport or extracurricular activity for the 2019-20 school
year must have a current physical turned into the school.  The Chadron Medical Clinic providers are
giving an opportunity for your student to get the physical done at school.

Your student MUST have the form signed and returned to receive a physical.  If the form is not completed and signed by the parent/guardian, the student will not receive a physical. All physicals will be done in the High School locker room/concessions area (north side).

If, for a reason given by the medical provider, your student is NOT cleared to participate and needs
“follow up”, the school nurses will notify you.  If your student has a conflict with the morning that is
assigned for her/his grade, let us know and we will get them in on the other day!

The providers will NOT be completing club softball, baseball, boy/girl scouts or any other non-school
related physicals at this time.  

We are so thankful to our community providers and families for making this opportunity available for our
students.  If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the school.
Hope to see your student/s there!

Thank You,

Jennifer Pyle RN-BSN
Abbie Hyatt RN-BSN

Chadron HS Will Have A 2:30 Dismissal On May 8th for Senior Checkout

As with a lot of events affected by weather this semester, CSC has moved Scholastic Day to May 8th ...the day of senior checkout.   We typically start this school day at 9:00a for grades 9-11 so we could have the time for checkout with seniors followed by graduation practice.    However, since a lot of our student body will be testing during the morning and Thursday has sport conflicts, we'll be moving the senior checkout to the end of the day.   (I told the seniors that they'll all be busy Friday helping clean house and getting ready for company for graduation! 😊)

Seniors will be asked to report to school at 1:00p and meet in the gym. They will conduct the Senior Walk at the Primary Building (wearing caps and gowns) followed by graduation practice at 1:45 (with the CHS Band, Cardinal Singers and Junior class officers) before the 2:30 checkout time with staff.  

Grades 9-11 will be dismissed at 2:30 (see bell schedule below).

Thank you for your continued flexibility!
~Mr. Mack

CHS - Wednesday, May 8th

2:30 Dismissal for Grades 9-11
Senior Checkout at 2:30

1ST BLOCK 7:55 – 9:30

2ND BLOCK 9:40 – 11:15

Lunch 11:15 – 11:58

3RD BLOCK 11:58 – 1:13

4TH BLOCK 1:20 – 2:30
Block 4A 1:20 – 1:55
Block 4B    1:55 – 2:30

*Seniors will report to school at 1:00p (meet in the gym)
 1:00  Senior Walk at the Primary School (wearing caps & gowns)
 1:45  Graduation Practice (Band, Cardinal Singers & Jr. Officers)
 2:15  Senior Exit Survey & Notes (in gym)
 2:30  Senior Checkout with Staff

CHS Graduation - May 11 @ 1:00p in the CHS Gym

Class of 2019
Graduation Date: May 11, 2019
Chadron High School Gymnasium

Class Colors: Black, Red & Silver
Class Flower: White Rose
Class Song: "On My Way" by Phil Collins
Class Motto: "We grew together - now it is our freedom to go our separate ways and give what we can to the world." ~Unknown

Vocal Concerts - Tuesday, April 30th

We hope you can join us for our spring concerts on Tuesday, April 30th!  The recent weather has created some changes, here is the update:

Tuesday, April 30th in the HS Auditorium

6:00p - Grades 7-12 Choirs including: 

  • 7/8th Choir
  • HS Choir
  • Cedar Street Singers

7:00p - Show Choirs
  • CHS Cardinal Singers featuring the CMS Jr. Cardinal Singers

A dessert bar fundraiser will follow in the HS Commons!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fine Arts Planning Meeting May 1st

Everyone is invited to join us in a yearly strategic planning meeting for the K-12 Fine Arts program. 

Fine Arts Vision/Strategic Planning Meeting Wednesday, May 1, 2019 in Central Office Conference Room @ 5:30 PM.  
Everyone welcome to attend.  
~Dr. Winchester, CPS Superintendent

Last Day of School Moved to May 24th

Like many school districts in Nebraska affected by blizzards or floods, Chadron Public Schools will extend the school year by three days.

The last day of school for students and staff will now be Friday, May 24th.

Chadron Public Schools had 6 snow days this year, the most days used for at least 20 years.  In 2012, CPS had missed 4 days (two due to August fires and two for snow). 

Friday, May 24th will be an early dismissal for students and staff will check out during the afternoon.  Call the office if you have any questions.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dental Hygienist Visit

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Mackenzie Scoggan)
On March 27th the Anatomy and Physiology class took a trip down to Main Street Dental. There we met with Kiya Stack. She talked to us about the occupation, the education needed, along with a tour of the office. She also showed us machinery that is used that helps detect any problems a patient may have.

Kiya explained the occupation very well. She described that any and all dental work is interesting and
always entertaining. Dental hygienists use many types of tools to do their job. They clean and polish
teeth with hand, power, and ultrasonic tools. Hygienists remove stains with an air-polishing device. They
polish teeth with a powered tool that works like an automatic toothbrush. Hygienists use x-ray machines
to take pictures to check for tooth or jaw problems. Some states allow hygienists with additional training,
sometimes called dental therapists, to work with an expanded scope of practice. Dental hygienists help
patients develop and maintain good oral health. For example, they may explain the relationship between
diet and oral health. They may also give advice to patients on how to select toothbrushes and other oral
care devices. The tasks hygienists may perform, and the extent to which they must be supervised by a
dentist, vary by state and by the setting in which the dental works.
Kiya was very open about what she did and loved talking about the occupation she was entering. She gave us many tips of how to get through college and he successful. Kiya loves that she given the opportunity to come back to Chadron to gain more experience in the field and was excited she was able to talk to all of us.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Advanced Biology Conduct Turtle Dissection

(Submitted by CHS Sophomore, Jameson Margetts)

On Monday, April 1st, the students of Mr. Bradley’s Advanced Biology class took part in a turtle
dissection. After the students completed their chapter on reptiles, they split up into groups of two or three
and dissected a painted turtle. The students began by examining the external anatomy of the turtle. This
included the feeling the dorsal shell, exploring the mouth and its organs, and counting how many scutes
(plates that comprise the shell) that the turtle had. They, then, removed the plastron -- the bottom shell of
the turtle. This allowed them access to the internal organs of the turtle. Once inside, the students
removed the pectoral muscles of the turtle. After these were removed, the students located the liver, gall
bladder and excised them.

Students use special lab tools, such as a scalpel, to perform the dissection. The students found the heart
and it’s three chambers, and they identified the lungs. Students then cut open the stomach, and removed
and measured the intestines. Throughout the lab, students compared the organs to that of a frog, to see
the adaptations and advancements that reptiles have. For instance, the turtle’s lungs have much more
alveoli --lung sacs-- inside, than frogs, making breathing much more efficient. The students finished up by
finding the kidneys, the spleen and the reproductive organs. After cleaning up the lab, students filled out
a lab report.

Dissections like these help students learn even more about the animals they study by giving them
hands-on experience. They provide an in depth analysis for students and a memorable event. With this
new information, students prepare for their chapter test and then on to the next dissection.

Ashley and Paige show the length of a turtle intestine

Chadron High FFA Excels at State!

FFA celebrates team and individual accolades at state convention. Chadron FFA had 14 teams qualify at districts during the school year earning 30 students the right to complete at state convention in Lincoln April 2nd -5th.

Team Placings:
  • Welding 3rd Place (plaque)   Purple Ribbon
  • Biotechnology 6th Place Blue Ribbon
  • Ag Technology and Mechanics  6th Place Purple Ribbon
  • Farm and Agribusiness Management  6th Place  Purple Ribbon
  • Veterinary Science 8th Place  Blue Ribbon
  • Nursery and Landscape  11th Place  Blue Ribbon
  • Poultry Evaluation 11th Place  Red Ribbon
  • Food Science and Technology 19th Place  White Ribbon
  • Ag Communication 20th Place
  • Livestock Management 21st Place  Red Ribbon
  • Agronomy 23rd Place  Blue Ribbon
  • Meats Evaluation and Technology 32nd Place  Red Ribbon
  • Environmental and Natural Resources 69th Place
Individual Ribbon Winners:
  • Samantha Johns 2nd Place  Purple in Poultry, 6th Place Vet Science
  • Levi Glines 6th Place Purple in Ag Mechanics and Welding
  • Clark Riesen 8th Place Red in Ag Communications Opinion and Livestock Mang.
  • Emma Cogdill 8th Place Red in Ag Communications Journalistic and Biotechnology
  • Kayley Galbraith 10th Place Purple in Biotechnology and 11th Place Vet Science
  • Tate Ryan 12th Place Blue in Biotechnology and Farm & Agribusiness
  • Garrett Glines 15th Place Purple in Farm Agribusiness, Red in Enviro and Natural Sci.
  • Madison Cogdill Blue in Biotechnology and Farm Agribusiness
  • Cole Madsen Blue in Agronomy and Farm Agribusiness
  • Hailey Watson Blue in Nursery Landscape
  • Jake Lemmon Red in Welding
  • Michael Matt White in Ag Communications and Meat Evaluation
  • Dan Dunbar Blue in Ag Technology and Mechanics & Welding
  • Lance Cattin White in Ag Technology and Mechanics, Red in Meat Evaluation
  • Luke Kahl Purple in Agronomy, Red in Agriscience
  • Carter Ryan White in Agronomy
  • Taya Leija White in Agronomy
  • Ella O'Brien Blue in Meat Evaluation, Red in Enviro. and Natural Science
  • True Thorne Blue in Food Science and Meat Evaluation
  • Shannon O'Rourke Red in Food Science
  • Katie Lewin White in Poultry
  • Jacob Wojcik White in TIG Welding

Much appreciation to John Cattin, Justin Madsen, Lucinda Mayes, Jessica Hartman, Dave Carlson, and Vic Bradley who studied with our FFA students in the evenings as they prepared for district contests and state convention throughout the year.

Special Thank you to Lora O'Rourke  and John Cattin for parental chaperoning and Steve Retzlaff who ensured we had safe travel.

FBLA Qualifies Six For Nationals!


Grace Sorenson, Mande Wollesen, Jameson Margetts - Emerging Business Issues - 2nd out of 21 Teams
Patrick Rust, Shawn Garvin - Management Information Systems - 3rd out of 10 teams
Micah Stouffer - Business Law - 4th out of 212 Students

Award Winners

Hospitality Management (57 Teams)
Micah Stouffer, Abby Gardner, Kennady Stack - 4th Place out of 57 teams
Kellie Waugh, Mande Wollensen, Grace Sorensen
- 7th Place out of 57 teams
Graphic Design (50 Teams)
Abby Gardner, Patrick Rust &
Savanna Sayaloune - Honorable Mention
- Top 4%

Personal Finance (624 Students)
Micah Stouffer - Honorable Mention - Top 4%
E-Business (21 Teams)
Kennady Stack, Jameson Margetts & Charlotte Toftum - 7th Place out 21 Teams
Who’s Who in Nebraska FBLA
Kellie Waugh
American Enterprise Project (10 Teams)
Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, Jameson Margetts - 8th Place out of 10 Teams
Sweepstakes Award
Entire Chapter Award
Introduction to Public Speaking (27 Students)
Alexis Conboy - 6th Place out of 27 Students
Gold Seal Chapter Award
Entire Chapter Award
All State Quality Member
Kellie Waugh
Lauren Collins
Business Achievement Award - Future Level
Kellie Waugh

Business Achievement Award - Business Level
Lauren Collins