Friday, March 30, 2018

CHS Debuts In The New Chadron Record Video Series

Check out the new video series that we've partnered with the Chadron Record on!  'On The Record' will be a regular video series to promote communication with school and other community officials.

In the debut video, Chadron Record reporter Brandon Davenport visits with Chadron High School Principal Jerry Mack about school communication efforts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday, April 3rd - It's a Big Deal Day (Testing Day)

Students: Get your rest, and eat a good breakfast for the first day back from break!

The first day back from Easter break is the state-wide ACT paper & pencil test for all juniors as part of the new state accountability assessments.  We realize that the first day back from a four-day break was not the best choice by the state for a testing day, but every other high school deals with the same issue.

In addition to our juniors completing the ACT test, all sophomores and freshman will also be testing on the same day. All sophomores will take a practice ACT which will provide a scoring and teaching opportunity for upcoming testing. All freshman will complete the yearly NWEA/MAP testing.

Seniors will spend the majority of the day with guest speakers sharing insight and information to a variety of transitional topics for students after high school. Speakers and topics include:

Jason Carnahan - Security First Bank
-Loans, Interest, Accounts, Reading Financial Paperwork

Bob Ferguson - Ferguson Rentals LLC
-Trustworthy Renter/Rentee, Rental Agreements, Troubleshooting Difficult Situations

Jon Daniels - Gregory’s Insurance
-Insurance Needs and Costs, Reading Paperwork, TroubleShooting Situations

Nichole Pourier - Nurse Practitioner at Chadron Hospital

-Dark Side of Post Secondary Transition: Drugs, Alcohol, STD’s, Depression

We want to thank these members of our community for taking the time to visit with our seniors!

As you can see ...It IS a Big Deal Day!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Courtney Milburn Shares Her Story With CHS Students

 A huge Thank You to Courtney Milburn for visiting with our students today about the consequences of drinking. She shared her heartfelt story of a car accident that led her down a path of recovery. Her persistence and positive attitude is truly a remarkable story for all.

"You are invincible ...until you are proven wrong. I hope you are never proven wrong."

"My parents go a phone call at 4:22am telling them their daughter was in a car accident and that they need to come to the emergency room.  ...Make sure your parents never get that call!"
CHS Seniors with Courtney

Monday, March 19, 2018

No School Wednesday, March 21st for Teacher Inservice

There will be no school for K-12 students on Wednesday, March 21st due to district inservice training for teachers.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's A Big Deal Day 2018

April 3rd is the statewide ACT testing for all juniors. We've included a little something for the rest of our high school students as well!  :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

CHS Presents Guys and Dolls Musical & Art Show This Weekend

We hope you can come join us for the presentation of this year's high school musical:
Friday, March 16 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, March 17 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, March 18 @ 2:00pm

Early tickets purchased at the high school office - $5
Tickets purchased at the door - $7

The Chadron High School annual Art Show will be on display during the musical performances. Come early or walk through during intermission to view the fantastic work of our art students this year!

Monday, March 12, 2018

March 14th Potential Student Walkout Information

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM, there is a planned, nationwide, 17-minute voluntary school
walkout for students to show solidarity with the victims of school violence. Chadron Public School (CPS)
students who choose to participate in the walkout will be allowed to do so and parents are more than
welcomed to join their child. The 17 minute walkout honors the 17 fatalities of the recent school tragedy in
Parkland, FL.

CPS is not organizing the walkout; however, school staff will provide student supervision for those students
that choose to participate and we will ask high school students to gather in front of the building at the flag
pole to ensure student safety. The Nebraska State Patrol, Chadron Police Department and Dawes County
Sheriff's Department will be present at our schools as well for security of students and staff.

Please contact the high school office if you have any questions.

Second Strategic Planning Meeting for CPS Activities - Wednesday, March 14 @ 6:30p

The Chadron community is invited to attend the second strategic planning meeting to be held at the high school library on March 14th @ 6:30p. The meeting will focus on Chadron Public Schools Activities.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Online Registration for Driver's Education Opens March 1st

The 2018 driver's education classes held at Chadron High School will begin May 30th. Online registration begins March 1st.
Students must have a DMV-issued permit to take this class.

Chadron Driver Education is offered at Chadron High School on the following dates:   Tuesday, May 30 through June 2nd (8:00am - 1:30p)

On-Street Driving:  Arranged at the mutual convenience of the students and instructor

Register online (Chadron) for one of the classes or download the brochure (Chadron).

School Threats Are No Joke, They're Criminal!

I've been trying to keep up with the many reactions to the school tragedy in Parkland, Florida. The national response has created many discussions and possibly some changes in state and federal laws.  As policy makers continue their discussions, schools have been dealing with increased threats of violence, often by students who claim to be 'joking'.  I thought this article by the KSB Law Firm in Nebraska was worth sharing to address this topic.   (KSB Blog)

Feel free to call or contact the Chadron High School office if you have questions or concerns.
~Mr. Mack

Threats of School Shootings at your School

Nebraska’s terroristic threats law prohibits any person from:
“threatening to commit a crime of violence” with the intent to terrorize another or cause the evacuation of building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation. More importantly, the law also prohibits making such a threat with a “reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or evacuation.” 
Neb. Rev. Stat. §28-311.01.  
That means that is is not a legal defense for students to say they were just joking or that the threats were not serious.  
Unfortunately, Nebraska schools have faced dozens of these threats since the Parkland shooting. As we tell students and parents all the time, administrators have an obligation to report these as crimes regardless of whether the administrators believe the threat is serious.  We encourage all schools to communicate with students and parents that any threat will be reported to law enforcement and will lead to disciplinary consequences.
We are also urging school administrators to quickly communicate with your community when these threats are received.  Social media means that stories about alleged threats spread immediately -- and the threats are often magnified in the retelling.  We think it is prudent to tell families immediately when there is any threat and to assure them that law enforcement has investigated and that there is no imminent threat to students. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

CHS Students Qualify for State History Day Contest!

National History Day is an educational program devoted to the learning of history. 

Recently, students chose a topic related to the annual theme (“Conflict and Compromise in History”) and conducted extensive research using both primary and secondary sources. 

After analyzing and drawing conclusions about
their topics’ significance in history, they presented their work in an original project. The district contest was held March 2, 2018 at Chadron State College.

Those who competed at the District History Day competition and qualified for the State History Day competition in April are:
Group Website
Lauren Collins, Grace Sorenson - Constance Markievicz: The Countess who Created Conflict and Refused to Compromise
Individual Website
Sydney Brown - Mars Exploration: A Conflict and Compromise in Budget
Hunter Hawk - The Battle for the Last Frontier: Racial Equality in Space
Jameson Margetts - The Mormon Trail

Friday, March 2, 2018

3rd Qtr. Ends And Spring Break Begins Next Week!

The 3rd Quarter ends with a 1:30p dismissal next Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Report cards will be prepared and sent home the week following spring break.

Parents: please remind your students to turn in any missing work before the end of the quarter.

There will be no school next Thursday and Friday (March 8 & 9) for Spring Break.