Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Donations Needed for "Shop With A Cop"

Contact; School Resource Officer Aron Chrisman, 308-432-0510

Re: Donations needed for “Shop with a Cop” program

The Chadron Police Department and “The Shop with a Cop” program is in need of your help.  Last year the Shop with a Cop program was able to serve approximately 180 kids through cash donations totaling $5,445.67, along with toys, food, and gift cards donations. This works out to be about $30 per child. Because of your kindness, many children within our community experienced a happy 2011 Holiday Season.

However; this 2012 year might not be so happy.  So far this year the Shop with a Cop program has only received a few small donations and has seen a greater increase in children’s needs.  It is believed that our economy is a big factor in the increased level of need and lowered number of donations.  Remember all the donations are used to benefit our local kids, during the Holiday Season.   The Chadron Police Department would like to ask for your support with the Shop with a Cop program by “digging deep” and giving a donation.   
If you have questions about the Shop with a Cop program please contact School Resource Officer Aron Chrisman or the Chadron Police Department at 432-0510.  Donations can also be dropped off at the Chadron Police Department, located at 125 Main Street, Chadron Ne.  
You can follow us on the web at or on Twitter @chadronpolice

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Bus Safety!

                                                            125 Main St., Chadron, NE 69337

Press Release  

The Chadron Police Department has received a number of recent complaints of motorist who are passing and or overtaking school buses incorrectly; in and around Chadron.  As we all know, these school buses are carrying Chadron’s most prized possessions, so their safety and security is extraordinarily vital to the department and we would like to issue all motorists this friendly reminder. 

Upon meeting or overtaking, from the front or rear, any school bus on which the yellow warning signal lights are flashing, the driver of a motor vehicle shall reduce the speed of such vehicle to not more than twenty-five miles per hour, shall also bring such vehicle to a COMPLETE STOP when the school bus is stopped, the stop signal arm is extended, and the flashing red signal lights are turned on, and SHALL REMAIN STOPPED until the flashing red signal lights are turned off, the stop signal arm is retracted, and the school bus resumes motion. Any person found violating this statute can be found guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor and fined up to five hundred dollars as well as assessed points on his or her motor vehicle operator's license.

Please remember to watch out for our children, drive safely and give our children a brake by stopping for school buses when the stop arm is extended.
You can follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter @chadronpolice

Contact Person; School Resource Officer Aron Chrisman 205, 308-432-0510

Monday, November 26, 2012

Update: iPad Deployment

Students, we will be handing out the iPads on the following dates:
  • December 3rd @ 7pm for Seniors
  • December 4th @ 7pm for Juniors
  • December 10th @ 7pm for Sophomores
  • December 11th @ 7pm for Freshman
  • December 13th @ 3:30pm & 6pm for those who can’t make their initial date.

All events will take place in the CHS Auditorium. Siblings to an upperclassmen may join in on an earlier date, this courtesy is only to siblings. Please do not attend outside of your assigned date unless you have an older sibling.

Some key things to remember to bring with you to your assigned iPad date:

  1. Your network computer credentials (firstname.lastname & password)
  2. Your student email credentials ( & password)
  3. Your Apple ID credentials (your personal account will be used)
  4. Your Parent/Guardian!!!

*** If you have any trouble with any of these you will need to let Mr. Paopao know ASAP so that we can get them configured for you. If you have any questions please address them with Mr. Mack, Mr. Paopao, or Mr. Mittleider.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

NeSA Results - The Success of CHS!

We’re very proud of the academic successes we are experiencing at Chadron High School. These results come with years of work addressing state standards, curriculum mapping, and incorporating reading and writing goals throughout the building. We truly believe that our academic success is contributed to the K-12 systematic approach that Chadron Public Schools has developed.

In regards to the four State Accountability tests taken by all juniors last spring, Chadron High School lead the panhandle and scored above the state average in every area. We appreciated the recognition from Governor Mike Heineman and the Commissioner of Education, Dr. Roger Breed, when they chose to visit our school on October 30th to applaud our efforts and ask for our insights that might be shared to assist other districts to become as successful. The visit was reassuring that our efforts have been worthwhile and are noted as a model for other schools.

Here’s a breakdown of the high school scores of the four NeSA tests last spring.

NeSA Reading: Ranked 4th out of 227 state districts (98 %tile)
NeSA Writing: Ranked 21st out of 226 state districts (95 %tile)
NeSA Math: Ranked 28th out of 227 state districts (88 %tile)
NeSA Science: Ranked 31st out of 227 state districts (86 %tile)

With the State now having three years of reading data, Governor Heineman noted that among C-1 schools, Chadron in one of only eight schools that have improved scores every year. Other areas highlighted by Governor were that Chadron High School ranked 2nd in math and 3rd in Science among other high schools our size.

A recent focus of attention are graduation rates. Graduation rates have only recently been calculated statewide using a four-year graduation cohort. Any student that begins their freshman year (in any school district) is tracked to ensure that they graduate in four years. State records now track students as they transfer from district to district in and out of the state of Nebraska. This is the second year that this graduation cohort data is tracked and used to calculate graduation rates as part of the Federal AYP program. As with many other districts, Chadron High School ranks below the state goal of 90% The biggest reason why schools (like CHS) are failing to meet this goal is that we did not track students prior to two years ago. We noticed in our data, as many as six errors of students that transferred out of our district three or four years ago, but were still recorded as enrolled with CHS and therefore still in our graduation cohort for last spring. We will soon see a more accurate graduation rate at or above the state average next year. Unfortunately, the lack of correcting these errors 3 and 4 years ago is reflected in our graduation rate this year. We look forward to the challenge of having a graduation rate above the state goal.

Since the public release of testing scores, we have been asked several times what we do to have such high test results. There is no simple answer to this question, it truly is the result of many years of effort. To point out important factors, it must be noted that we feel it is our duty to provide a quality and rigorous curriculum aligned with state standards and taught by the best teachers in the state. In addition to that, we focus on positive relationships by a caring staff in a safe environment. Great students and a great staff make for a great school!

Thank you to all the students, staff, parents, and community members for supporting our schools and the work that we do!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

iPad Deployment Schedule

We're finally ready to deploy iPads to every high school student. We are excited to offer this opportunity to blend technology in the classrooms. Parents or guardians must attend an orientation event before the student can receive an iPad. Our technology department will share features of the iPad as well as discuss acceptable use and digital citizenship. The iPads will have the standard warranty coverage but we'll share affordable insurance opportunities for parents as well. We look forward to this opportunity to discuss our technology goals and expectations with every student and parent/guardian! 

iPad Deployment Schedule

  • Every student must attend a scheduled event with parent/guardian before receiving iPad.
  • Contracts and Acceptable Use policies will be discussed.
  • All events will be in the HS Auditorium
  • Younger siblings may join older sibling for deployment date to save parents/guardians from having to attend multiple dates
  • If you miss the event, attend on the Alternate date (Dec 13th)

Seniors - Monday, Dec 3rd @ 7:00p

Juniors - Tuesday, Dec 4th @ 7:00p
Sophomores - Monday, Dec 10th @ 7:00p
Freshman - Tuesday, Dec 11th @ 7:00p

Alternate - Thursday, Dec 13th @ 3:30p and 6:00p

Friday, November 16, 2012

Personal Finance Team Finishes 7th out of 349 Teams!

 Caston Stack, Brad Cerny, Cy Rayhill, James Pipe On Head
Each year, the Personal Finance students in Mrs. Budler's classes compete in the Finance Challenge put on by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education.  

This year 11 teams competed against 349 other teams across the state.  Of the 11 teams, 4 Chadron High teams placed in the top 50 with their scores on the 30 question timed quiz they took online.  The team of Cy Rayhill, James Pipe On Head, Caston Stack and Brad Cerny placed 7th among all 349 teams.  

Congratulations on a job well done!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Graduation Site Changed!!!

Due to the renovation of Armstrong Gymnasium beginning this spring, we will be moving the graduation ceremony to the Chadron High School Gymnasium. I should mention that we evaluated many other sites including: NPAC, Memorial Hall, HS Auditorium, HS Football Field, MS Gym, and Assumption Arena. All have pros and cons. The HS Gym will have less seating than Armstrong but will have improved lighting, air conditioning, and better accessibility for elderly and handicapped. We have space for 600 chairs on the gym floor and can seat 750 in the bleachers. 

Graduation will be Saturday, May 11th at 10:00am in the Chadron High School Gym.

Chadron High School

Class of 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013
10:00 a.m.
Chadron High School Gymnasium

Senior Motto:
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Suess

Senior Song:
"Tonight" by Seether

Senior Flower:

Senior Colors:
Black and Red

Monday, November 12, 2012

American Education Week - November 11-17

(The following is an article from Dr. Winchester, CPS Superintendent)

“Public Schools: A Basic Right and Responsibility”

Public Education is Great.  Why is that?  Because ALL children from ages 5 to 21 can attend school for free in a school that offers a broad curriculum and provides the tools for learning.  Somewhere this week a child will learn to read for the first time or understand an algebraic equation or fall in love with history or discover a hidden talent.  In any case their lives will never be the same.  What a wonderful privilege and opportunity.

Public Education is a cornerstone of our democracy.  Last week Chadron Public Schools was visited by our Governor, Commissioner of Education, and Chairman of the Legislature’s Education committee who are members of Nebraska’s P-16 initiative to strengthen education.  Nebraska recognizes that a well-educated public includes more productive workers with higher incomes and less dependence on public assistance programs.  Communities that have vibrant school systems tend to be more flourishing and linked to lower crime rates, improved public health, and more stable families.

American Education Week was created in 1919 as a joint venture between the American Legion and the National Education Association (NEA) to seek ways to generate public support for education.  Both groups were distressed that 25% of the country’s World War I draftees were illiterate.

Take a minute this week to reflect on the educators in your life that made this precious opportunity of an education possible.  If you can thank them personally or take a minute to thank the many educators in our community for choosing to dedicate their professional life to the education or our most precious resource, our children.