Thursday, April 30, 2015

Students Tour Physical Therapy Department

(SuDr. Griese at work.
(Submitted by CHS Junior, Mikki Hastings)
The third block anatomy class, taught by Mr. Vic Bradley, would like to thank Dr. Robert Griese at the Chadron Community Hospital Physical Therapy Department for taking the time to give a tour of the facility to the students. Dr. Griese gave a full tour to the class of eight, explaining different machines, different exercise techniques, different therapy methods, and different rooms in the department. Each individual got the opportunity to see a whirlpool machine, different stretching tables, displays of bones, a speech therapy room, and an occupational room,

On top of showing the class the whole department, Dr. Griese also explained the aspects of schooling from high school, all the way to physical therapy school, and beyond. After talking about school, students learned more about finding a job in the workforce, the differences between private and community practices, and the benefits of rural and urban areas to practice in.

Three very crucial pieces of advice from Dr. Griese that were aimed at the students were about job shadowing and schooling. The first piece of advice was no matter what field of study you are going into, especially if you are going into the medical field, job shadow as much as you can; colleges and medical programs like to accept students who have job shadowed and know what they are getting themselves into in medical school. The second piece of advice was work as hard as you can in school, because good grades are very important in getting accepted into programs such as the physical therapy program. The better grades you have, and the harder classes you have taken, the more likely you are to be accepted into school after a series of tests and interviews. Last, but not least, Dr. Griese told the students to apply for as many scholarships are possible. Since, Dr. Griese said, college debt after physical therapy school can range from anywhere between $60,000 to $160,000, it helps a lot to receive financial support.

Is Chadron At Risk Of Tooth Decay?

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Trace Strotheide)
Following a semester long anatomy and physiology class, Chadron High students traveled down to CAPWN Dental in hope of furthering their knowledge of a medical based field. Lead by dentist, James Hadden, a Bridgeport native, the students were exposed to the different sides of dentistry and how important oral healthcare is to their community. As the students listened and asked questions relating to his field of work, Dr. Hadden revealed that Chadron isn't as protected as one may think. Scoring a 18 out of 20, Chadron is one of the nations worst places for oral health and according to Dr.Hadden, this is exactly the reason that he was brought to this region.

Following Dentistry School in Lincoln, NE, James Hadden found himself  employed at Community Action Partnership Of Western Nebraska Dental (CAPWN Dental). CAPWN Dental is a government-funded institution that provides oral healthcare for underprivileged citizens. Soon after beginning his new venture into the rural atmosphere, James began to grow accustom to his practice and now finds his job rewarding and looks further into the future to see what his clinic can provide to the community.  Knowing  that tooth decay is the number one childhood disease in the United States, Dr. Hadden has began to further prevent tooth decay in the surrounding community.  Dr. Hadden has traveled to local schools, where his team provides fluoride brushing and oral check-ups to grades K-8. These measurements alone, James believes have further prevented some  future oral care disorders in the area. However, these actions alone are not even a glimpse at what CAPWN Dental has provided for our community and the surrounding area.

 While the visit continued, the class joined around the dental office where Dr. Hadden told the students the importance of brushing, flossing and how to properly maintaining the pH of your mouth. In which he shared the fact that it takes your mouth a whole hour to balance pH and prevent acid build-up, furthering the idea to eat in moderation and avoid snacking throughout the day.  As the session continued, James told the students an average day at work and what kind of training was required to become a Dentist. However, before their meeting came to an end, James introduced the students to new ways of thinking for future experiences which included being yourself in an interview and to never be afraid to try for a particular hard class that may be offered to you in the future. Finally, as the students were just prepared to leave, Dr. Hadden shared the most important tip of the day. James went on to tell the class to make sure you build up your college GPA in the first two years. This way you are able to enlist in harder classes that may push you to your future goals. Nevertheless, Dr. Hadden stunned the class with his wonderful insight and the class couldn't have been more interested in the life of a dentist.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prom & Baccalaureate This Weekend!

The CHS junior class proudly presents: Starlit Paradise - Prom 2015 this Saturday, May 2nd!

Junior-Senior Prom
Saturday, May 2, 2015
CSC Student Center Ballroom

Grand March: 6:30pm (open to the public)
Coronation: 7:00pm (open to the public)
Banquet: 7:30pm
Dance: 8:30pm
After Prom Party: Midnight
(Note from Post-Prom Organizers: Parents will be notified when their student leaves for the night)

The Chadron Ministerial Association will host the 2015 Baccalaureate Program for the CHS Graduates this Sunday!

Sunday, May 3rd
7:00pm in High School Auditorium
There will be refreshments following the ceremony

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anatomy Class Tours Radiology Department

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Peyton Wallage)
On Thursday, April 23 the Anatomy and Physiology class toured the Radiology Department and Chadron Community Hospital. 

I would like to send a big thanks to Jodi Dannar, Head of the Radiology Department. Mrs. Dannar bestowed a lot of very helpful information for our class and helped us understand all of the different divisions such as: X-Ray, CT Scan, Bone Density, Mammography and Ultrasound, also there is the MRI portable machine which only available certain days of the month. 

The X-Ray machine is used to look for breaks in bones. The CT Scan uses several different X-Ray pictures to see several different structures in the human body. The Bone Density is used to measure bone loss or decrease in bone density. The Ultrasound or Sonography machine is used for looking at babies in the womb but also uses high-frequency sound waves to make images of organs inside the body more visible. The Mammography machine is used to check for breast cancer in both women and men.

She also explained her story about having breast cancer and about the importance of breast exams in both females and males since the growing rate of males getting breast cancer is increasing. She eluded that research is pointing towards energy drinks being a leading cause for male breast cancer. She also explained how certain machines work and what they need to work, as the example the X-Ray machine and how it needs the digital imaging plate in order to get the image of the broken bone. She informed us on some changes in the training since she was in school. We also learned what types of continuing education she is required to do and how often or how many hours are needed. 

Mrs. Dannar was very helpful in explaining what each area of radiology consists of and specialization of the nurses that are needed.

9am Late Start for HS May 6th and Graduation Note

As we do each year, we'll have grades 9-11 start at 9am next Wednesday (May 6th) to allow us time for senior check-out!

Seniors will report to school to check-out from 8-9am next Wednesday. Graduation practice will begin at 9am in the high school gym.

I informed all seniors to let their families know that each senior can have a family member come to the high school (North Entrance) at 11:00am on Saturday, May 9th to reserve up to 10 seats on the floor for the graduation ceremony. There will be open seating in the bleachers and at the back on the floor. Please plan to arrive early so we can have everyone seated and begin the ceremony promptly at 1:00pm.

Life of an Athlete - Human Performance Project Program

Former NAVY SEALS Jason Larson and Anthony Page

April 29, 2015
Chadron State College
8:30-10:30  a.m. Coaches’/Sponsor Workshop
7:00-8:30 p.m.    Parent/Student/Community Workshop

These amazing individuals will be here to share their unique knowledge and experience, when presenting to young people, their parents, and their sponsors/coaches. Their practical lessons on teamwork, chemical free-healthy lifestyles and training methods are extremely motivating.  Anthony Page and Jason Larson will be here to share on Human Performance Project. This is open to all schools, community members, organizations, etc. in the Panhandle.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Anatomy & Physiology Class Field Trip

(Submitted by CHS Senior, Alea Brierly)
On Tuesday April 21st, the Anatomy and Physiology class of Chadron High had the

opportunity to visit with Mrs. Stef Pelton at the WIC Clinic/Immunization Clinic.

Mrs. Pelton talked to us about all the services that the clinic offers. She talked about some of the immunizations that college kids need before college, ones that babies need and even some that people need every 7 years such as tetanus. When parents choose to not vaccinate their kids, they are putting their kids at greater risk for something that someone who was vaccinated probably wouldn't get. She gave us advice to remember as most of us go off to college next year such as continuing our education. She also told us to job shadow so we assure ourselves we want to pursue a particular career. She talked briefly about family planning and prevention of spreading STD's.

We want to thank Mrs. Pelton for taking the time to talk to us and passing along her knowledge.  We are also thankful for this wonderful opportunity to explore medical professions around Chadron which helps us explore possible careers in the medical profession.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CHS Student Play Performances and Art Show This Weekend!

Come join us this weekend for a family-friendly play that will bring laughter and fun to your night. CHS students will be performing Baker Street Irregulars three times in the CHS Auditorium. 

  • Friday, April 24th at 7pm
  • Saturday, April 25th at 7pm
  • Sunday, April 26th at 2pm
Admission is $5 for adults and $4 for students, and activity passes are not accepted. 
Please come join us for a fun night full of crazy accents and murder mysteries!

The 2015 CHS Student Art Show will also be open to the public before, during, and after the performances in the high school library.

  • Friday 6-9pm
  • Saturday 6-9pm
  • Sunday 1-4pm

The Art Show will feature 97 pieces of work produced by CHS students. The display includes: ceramics, prints, paintings, cut paper and drawings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CHS Spring Play and Art Show This Weekend!

Come to CHS this weekend to view the Spring Play and Art Show!


April 24, 25, 26, 2015
Chadron High School Library

In Conjunction with the CHS Play,
Baker Street Irregulars

Friday and Saturday, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
(Before, during and after each evening performance)

Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
(Before, during and after matinee performance)

The 2015 Chadron High School Art Show will be open this weekend in the CHS Library!  The Art Show will coincide with the weekend performance of the CHS Spring Play.

Public showings will take place Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm. And available to view on Sunday afternoon from 1:00-4:00pm.

The 2015 CHS Art Show will feature 97 pieces produced by 9-12 grade students. The display includes ceramics, prints, paintings, cut paper and drawings.

Monday, April 20, 2015

CHS Spring Play This Weekend!

This weekend Chadron High School presents the Baker Street Irregulars! No, this is not a play about actual bakers…
The year is 1897, and the action takes place on the grounds of the Wainwright Circus in London. The story begins with the Baker Street Irregulars, a group of young orphans, going to visit the Wainwright Circus (an orphan circus), to help the Great Sherlock Holmes solve a big case. When they arrive, the Irregulars find that Sherlock Holmes has mysteriously fallen gravely ill and is unable to work the case, so the duty falls to his mentee, Wiggins. With the help of the the other four Irregulars, Wiggins attempts to solve the murder of a great circus performer. The Irregulars request the help of the young apprentice circus performers, including the owner’s daughter, Elza Wainwright, to help solve the mysteries.
This a family-friendly play and will bring laughter and fun to your night. We will be performing this play three times: Friday, April 24th at 7pm, Saturday, April 25th at 7pm, and Sunday, April 26th at 2pm, in the CHS Auditorium. Admission is $5 for adults and $4 for students, and activity passes are not accepted. Please come join us for a fun night full of crazy accents and murder mysteries!

Written by: Peyton Wallage and Alyssa Noble

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

State FFA Results

Kane Wellnitz, 3rd in Public Speaking
Chadron FFA wrapped up its 2015 competition schedule by competing in the 2015 Nebraska State FFA Convention last week in Lincoln Nebraska. During the school year, students had to qualify at a district level, in order to compete at state.   Chadron had 19 of its 30 FFA members qualify for the state event consisting of over 3,500 competitors. The competition was held at various venues including the new Pinnacle Bank  Arena, UNL East campus and the Holiday Inn. Chadron qualified competitors in Senior Public Speaking, Meats Evaluation, Livestock Evaluation, Natural Resources, Agriscience and Agronomy.
Chadron’s highest placing was a 3rd place by junior Kane Wellnitz in Senior Public Speaking. Kane’s eight minute speech  covered the issue’s of an aging production agriculture population, loss of ag land to development and how to encourage young people into production agriculture. Kane was last years winner and Chadron FFA’s first ever State Champion winning the Junior Public Speaking contest.
 The Livestock Evaluation team comprising of Kane Wellnitz, Lanie Reisen, Beau Jersild, Cody Madsen, Drew Jersild and Kylee Garrett placed 12th  out of 78 teams earning the team a blue ribbon. The team demonstrated their knowledge of horses, cattle, dairy, sheep, chickens and swine through written tests and evaluating live animals and identifying equipment associated with each species.
The Meats Evaluation team comprised of Joe Cattin(red), Jerhett Cattin (blue), Sean O’Brien (blue), and Matt Kerner (blue), placed 22nd out of 98 teams earning a blue ribbon. The team completion included written tests, carcass evaluation and meat cuts identification of beef, pork and lamb.
The Livestock Evaluation Team
Agronomy is a contest that is very broad in its scope including such areas as entomology, crop and weed seed identification, applied mathematical agricultural calculations, equipment identification to name a few of the areas included in the contest. Chadron’s state FFA contestants were new to this contest and competed well but did not place. Team members were Sylissa Jennings, Clay Madsen, Miakayla Koerber and Renee Redfern.
Agriscience is a contest limited to freshman. Students first wrote a career paper covering the agricultural career of their choosing describing in detail the characteristics, education, salary ranges and future outlook for their chosen career.
While in Lincoln, competitors were given an individual written test followed by a lab experiment in which the students had to follow proper lab safety and protocols used in a laboratory. This year’s topic focused on food nutrition (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats). Chadron’s FFA team comprised of Hunter Hawk, Miakayla Koerber, Clayton Vahrenkamp and Renee Redfern earned a white ribbon for their efforts.  In addition to the team ribbon, Hunter and Mikayla individually earned a white ribbon.
The Natural Resource team consisting of Clay Madsen, Toni Doescher, Murphy Churchill and Brooke Roes earned a white ribbon. Clay Madsen tied for fourth place earning a purple individual ribbon in the event with just .05% of a point out of first place. This same team will compete in a similar state competition (Envirothon) in which they qualified for sponsored by the Nebraska Natural Resource district later this month.


The Agriscience Team

Monday, April 13, 2015

NHS Inducts Seven New Members

The Chadron High School National Honor Society inducted seven new members on Monday, April 13th!

Spring Inductees:  
Toni Doescher, Hannah Jamison, Emily Mills, Brooke Roes, Danielle Johnson, Spencer Margetts, and Greta Welch.

2014-15 NHS Officers:
  President: Veronica Parish
  Vice President:  Aaron Gaswick
  Secretary:  Alaina Riesen
  Treasurer:  Trace Strotheide

Current Members:
Seniors:  Sydney Blome, Shay Chamberlain, Jackson Dickerson, Keenan Johnson, Brittani Piontek, Sara Tompkins

Juniors: Aly Crow, Murphy Churchill, Jayden Garrett, Mikaela Hastings, Allie Johnson, Clay Madsen, Kiya Passero, Shoilee Rahman, Seth Sloan, Andrew Smith, Jayden Stack, Kane Wellnitz

FBLA Brings Home Hardware!

Chadron High junior, Allie Johnson qualifies for the FBLA National Leadership Conference which will be held in Chicago this summer!

Business Communications (National Qualifying Event)
Allie Johnson - 3rd out of 690 competitors

Who's Who In Nebraska FBLA
Allie Johnson

Keyboarding Knowledge (354 competitors)
Hunter Hawk - 1st

Spelling (492 competitors)
Greta Welch - 3rd
Spencer Margetts - Honorable Mention Top 4%

Hospitality Management (53 teams)
Greta Welch, Alison Gardner, Kyla Parish - 4th

Introduction to Information Technology (193 Competitors)
Hunter Hawk - Honorable Mention Top 4%

Business Calculations (493 competitors)
Jayden Garrett - Honorable Mention Top 4%
Allie Johnson - Honorable Mention Top 4%

Business Ethics (19 teams)
Alison Gardner and Spencer Margetts - 8th

Business Math (576 competitors)
Corbin Johnson - Honorable Mention Top 4%

Health Care Administration (344 competitors)
Allie Johnson - Honorable Mention Top 4%
Corbin Johnson - Honorable Mention Top 4%
Jayden Garrett - Honorable Mention Top 4%

Proofreading (394 competitors)
Corbin Johnson - Honorable Mention Top 4%

All State Quality Member
Allie Johnson
Tate Cullers
Brooke Roes
Alex Fritzler
Julianne Dickerson
Greta Welch

BAA Award - Future Level
Myia Hamaker
Allie Johnson
Alyssa Noble
Aubree Noble
Greta Welch

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kiwanis Honors Program - April 16th

Kiwanis Honors Program

The 57th Annual Kiwanis Honors Program has been changed to April 16th at 1:40pm in the high school Auditorium.  Students who will be recognized will be receiving a postcard invitation in the mail from the Kiwanis organization. Students can also check the high school guidance office window for the full list of students.

Kiwanis annually recognizes students who possess a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher (or seniors on the Gold Honor Roll for the each of the first three quarters of this year).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

CHS Expands Music Offerings!

We are excited to announce that Chadron High School will be expanding music offerings to students!

Two factors are allowing CHS to more than triple their music offerings. First, Chadron Middle School will offer instrumental and vocal classes to all 5-8th grade students during the middle of the day which provides music instructors additional time to spend with high school students during the mornings and afternoons. Second, a staff member will be hired to teach vocal music half a day while providing music paraprofessional support for the other half-day. This new position will serve both the high school and middle school.

Currently, CHS students have been offered two music courses during the school day: band and choir.  The new course offerings not only include band and choir, but will feature the additional courses: basic guitar, music appreciation, instrumental lab, choir ensemble, and music theatre. Course descriptions with curriculum details are currently being drafted.

Since most CHS students have chosen classes for next year (prior to finalizing this announcement), they have been informed to visit with the Guidance Office to make schedule changes if interested in enrolling in one of the five new classes.

 Cardinal Singers is an extra-curricular show choir that will continue to practice before school. After discussion, it was decided to continue Cardinal Singer practices before school which benefits students by eliminating scheduling conflicts year-to-year.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vacuum Packing Students??

"Vacuum Packing Students in CHS???"    ...April Fools!

Badres Andres experiences atmospheric pressure inside a trash bag.  Badres was one of 10 chemistry students that experienced the effects of "vacuum packing".  We are accustom to the atmospheric pressure in our everyday life but this "demo" allows the students to feel what atmospheric pressure is all about!!  Don't be shocked if your 2nd semester chemistry students wants to "vacuum pack" his/her siblings or parents.