Sunday, August 29, 2021

HS Picture Day - Wed. Sept. 1st

 Lifetouch will be here on Wednesday, Sept. 1st for picture day. 

Information packets for ordering prints can be picked up at the office or go to and enter Picture Day ID: EVTZG3XBP

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Transition to College - Opportunities for Seniors

To the Class of 2022 from Mrs. Watson

Hello Class of 2022!  

Wow, how time flies!  You are officially seniors and I look forward to working with you and your transition to the NEXT ADVENTURE in your last year at CHS!  As the school year kicks off I want you and your parents to know a few important items pertaining to what I like to call Senior Transition - the important process of moving on from a high school student and beginning your adult life.  Each month I will email out a "To Do List" to make sure you are not lagging behind important tasks.  I will also be hosting four Transition to College events in which I invite you and your family to the HS to eat dinner, and partake in college planning services and assistance for those students who are wishing to continue their education after this school year.  I will mail home a formal invite for these four nights tentatively:  September 30, Nov. 16, Jan 20th, and March 15th from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. in the HS Library - dinner and prizes included! 

Parents - I can't help but brag about our amazing senior transition services we offer students here at the high school, I want you to know your students are in GREAT HANDS.  Currently students are working on scholarship and job resumes with Mr. Craig Nobiling and on scholarship essays with Mr. Willie Uhing. I cannot tell you how amazing these two educators are and how vital they are in this process and how selflessly they give their time to help assist students.   

We will also work with students every 1:30 out Friday on what we like to call Senior Seminar Days.  On these days we do a little bit of everything: Apply to College, scholarship information seminars, career and resume speakers, gap year and internship opportunities, and even do a book study on the social and emotional aspect of moving on from high school (The Naked Roommate, also Parents Version, two amazing reads if you'd like your own copy at home!).

As helpful as I think we are at CHS with this process there are some things we simply CANNOT DO and need you as parents and students to fully engage in

 - Visiting top college choices
 - Having hard financial discussions and conversations about how much is saved for college, and what your family's financial situation looks like for assistance if any.
 - Choosing career paths and degrees FOR students (or talking them into one for that matter!)
 - Making military decisions 

Last but not least Mrs. Tricia Berry and myself will serve as the senior class sponsors for this school year and will be in contact at later dates for to-do's that pertain to graduation and other events as they arise.

We look forward to working with the Class of 2022!  Our first senior seminar in school day is next Friday September 3rd during English and Government classes.  Be on the lookout for a mailing to sign up for Transition to College family events and prizes to win if in attendance.

September To Do's:  
1.  Register for the October ACT.  Registration without late fee is due by September 17th!  To register go to   Improving the ACT score is the single easiest way to increase your scholarship money!

2.  VISIT VISIT VISIT - As long as you let Mrs. Berry know in the main office that you are attending an official college or career visit with a parent you will be able to have as many excused days as needed to help you make this next decision!  Every website has a number you can call to set up a college visit.  I would prefer you do this at home with your parent!  You may need hotel rooms etc. Only you know what is a good time to set up an official visit. 

3.  Start those financial conversations at home.  I know these are not fun - but essential!

4.  Apply to college!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

CHS Junior, Thomas Kaus Named to Youth Advisory Council

Thomas Kaus
Thomas Kaus of Chadron is one of 16 high school students selected by 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith to serve on his Youth Advisory Council for the 2021-22 academic school year.

 Smith’s Youth Advisory Council is a forum for high school students to discuss opinions, thoughts, and concerns about local and federal issues with Smith throughout the school year through in-person meetings and other contacts.

   Serving on the Council also provides students with an opportunity for involvement and insight into their government and their communities.

Adrian Smith

The vast 3rd Congressional District touches all of the states that border Nebraska, and the Youth Advisory Council has members from all parts of the state.

There are 2 other members besides Kaus from the Panhandle – Lawrence Hunter-Miller of Bayard and Jenason Spady of Garden County High in Oshkosh.

The Council is open to students from sophomore through senior class. More information is at Smith’s website at

(As reported on August 23, 2021)

CHS FFA Team to Compete at Nationals

(Jalei Marcy & Garrett Glines -2021 graduates) (Luke Kahl & Ryan Bickel -current seniors)

Chadron High FFA members earn a NATIONAL spot in the Farm & Agribusiness Management Career Development Event. After winning the March 2021 district Farm & Agribusiness Management, the above students competed in the Nebraska State FFA Convention and placed third.  They thought that was it. However, in late July, the state FFA organization reached out to see if our students would be interested in representing the state of Nebraska on a national level as the first two teams had declined. Sponsors contacted the team (whom two had just graduated in May 2021) to determine if they were interested in competing. Their answer was a resounding “YES”. With thanks to Justin Madsen and the students coming in for evening study sessions, they took on the three and a half hour (300 question) test during Chadron High’s first day of school, August 17th.

Due to COVID, the National convention decreased qualifying teams. Therefore, the Chadron team (representing Nebraska) would need to score in the top 50% to earn a trip to Indianapolis Indiana at the end of October and complete the second round of the test. They MADE it!  As a result these students are only the second team in Chadron’s history to compete at the National level.  What grit, fortitude, and willingness these students have shown.  

Next stop is the National Convention!

Submitted by Maribeth Moore

Chadron FFA Sponsor

Monday, August 23, 2021

Activity Passes

 Chadron Public Schools                    2021-2022

                Activity Prices

Varsity Admission: Adult                       $5.00

 Junior Varsity Student                    $4.00

 Freshman Senior Citizen         $4.00

Middle School Admission:

Adult                        $4.00

Student                     $3.00

Senior Citizen          $3.00

(excludes tournaments)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\MEDIA\OFFICE12\Lines\BD21318_.gif

Activity Passes:

High School $30.00

Middle School $30.00

Elementary $15.00

Adult                     $50.00

Senior Citizen        $25.00

Participation Fees:

High School                $60.00

Middle School            $50.00

Family (students)       $120.00

Monday, August 9, 2021

Free Immunization Clinic - Monday, Aug. 16th @ CHS

Western Community Health Resources (WCHR) will host a vaccination clinic on Monday, August 16th from 1-3pm in the Chadron High School Commons. The State required vaccinations for incoming Kindergarten and 7th grade students will be available. Your child MUST have all required vaccinations prior to the first day of school. WCHR will also offer the optional Covid vaccine to students who are 12 years old and older. Please call WCHR for any questions about vaccinations at 432-2747.

*A Parent or legal guardian must attend to provide consent for any immunizations or vaccines for 0-19 year olds.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Welcome Back Letter from Mr. Mack

We’re excited to welcome you back for the 2021-22 school year!

For years we have told students: 

               Life can sometimes be hard, but we can do hard things! 

Last year we all proved that true! Facing the unknown fears and challenges of the pandemic was definitely hard, but working together we had a successful school year that we are very proud of! But with that said ....I am hoping for a more ‘normal’ school year!  :

We welcome our new staff members: Mrs. Nicky Banzhaf (English), Mr. Weston Burch (Paraprofessional), Mr. Michael Gieseler (Custodian), Mr. Caleb Haskell (Math), Mrs. Jeri Lyons (Science) and Mr. Andrew Smith (Social Studies).

Student Schedules:  The late addition of a half-time teacher created a ripple effect in schedule changes. Included in this letter is the official student schedule. Mrs. Watson will be available August 5-6 and 9-11 for any requested schedule changes. Schedules can not be changed after the start of school except for special circumstances with teacher and administrative approvals.

*Required Chromebook Orientation Programs:   August 9, 11 and 13th at 5:00p and 6:15p. Join any one of these six offered sessions to be assigned a 1:1 chromebook from the school. Chromebooks will be handed out after each session. A parent/guardian as well as the student must attend. Those not able to make an above listed date will need to schedule an appointment with the District Technology Office by calling 432-0718.

*If you plan to use your own chromebook/laptop/iPad, you will still need to attend one of the sessions for important information about digital citizenship and acceptable use. Otherwise, personal devices will not have access to the school wifi without attending an Orientation Program.

Fall Sports Meeting:  This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 10th at 6:00p. The current plan is to meet in the Auditorium before the break out sessions with individual fall sport coaches.  This is an informational evening for high school student-athletes and parents.

Open House:  We’ll host a short open house opportunity on Monday, August 23rd from 6:00-7:00 for families that would like to walk through the school or meet the high school staff.

Our first day of school for students is Tuesday, August 17th. We’ll run 1:30 schedules all week to make time for other necessary student and staff needs.  View our district and school websites at for additional information or give our office a call if you have questions at 432-0707.    

Enjoy your remaining summer break!  

Jerry Mack, Principal

Dress Code Reminder

Last year we had many district students learn from home.  So, with all students returning to school this year, here's the section of the Parent/Student Handbook referring to student appearance.   Please review the handbook for your awareness of all policies related to the Chadron Public School District.

Article 6 - Section 7:  Student Appearance

Students at Chadron Public Schools are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for a school setting.  Students should not dress in a manner that is dangerous to the health and safety of anyone or interferes or distracts the learning environment or teaching process in our schools.  Following is a list of examples of attire that will not be considered appropriate, this list is not exclusive and other forms of attire may be deemed inappropriate for the school setting by the administration:

  • Student dress and/or grooming that distracts from the educational programs at Chadron Public Schools will not be permitted
  • Clothing that shows an inappropriate amount of bare skin or visible underwear are not permissible. Undergarments should remain covered.
  • Spaghetti-strap tops (two-finger rule), one-shoulder tops, halter and open-back tops, tank and tube tops and those which bare the midriff are not permissible.
  • Shirts with sleeves cut off and oversized holes for arms are prohibited. 
  • Cleavage, armpit hair, chest hair, etc., should not be visible.
  • Shorts and skirts that are too loose-fitting and or too short (at least knuckle length with arms extended to the side) and swimsuits are all not permissible.
  • Leisure wear, including lounge and pajama pants, bedroom attire, and slippers are not acceptable
  • Pants not snug to the waist (sagging) or torn/ripped beyond manufactured design are not acceptable.
  • Footwear that is not adequate and is a health or safety concern.  Barefoot or sock footed are not acceptable at any time.  
  • Headwear including hats, caps, hoods or kerchiefs are not to be worn in the building and must be left in lockers while the student is in the building. Hats will be confiscated for violation of this rule. 
  • Clothing or jewelry which exhibits in words or pictures: profanity, violence, nudity, sexual references, carries double meanings or is gang related is not allowed. 
  • Clothing or jewelry that advertises beer, alcohol, tobacco (including electronic nicotine delivery systems), or illegal drugs is not allowed.
  • Clothing or jewelry that could be used as a weapon (chains, spiked apparel) or that would encourage “horseplay” will not be permitted.  

As a general rule:  Clothing should be worn in the fashion it was intended.  If students would not wear it in the workplace or a public function, per the manufacturer’s recommendations, then it probably isn’t acceptable for the school setting

Consideration will be made for students who wear special clothing as required by religious beliefs, disability, or to convey a particularized message protected by law.  The final decision regarding attire and grooming will be made by school administration.  In the event a student is uncertain as to whether a particular item or method of grooming is consistent with the school’s guidelines, the student should contact the school administration for approval. 

Coaches, sponsors or teachers may have additional requirements for students who are in special lab classes, students who are participants in performing groups or students who are representing the school as part of an extracurricular activity program.

If the student’s dress or behavior is in violation of these regulations, the staff member will ask the student to make the appropriate corrections.  If the student refuses, the staff member will bring the student to the office.  School administration will make the final decision and take appropriate corrective or disciplinary action.  The school dress code will be in effect during school hours and all school sponsored activities unless students are given permission by the principal to wear something different.  The final decision regarding attire and grooming will be made by school administration.  On the first offense of a dress code violation, a student may call home for proper apparel.  If clothes cannot be brought to school, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.  Students will not be allowed to leave campus to change clothes, unless given permission by their parent/guardian and/or Principal.  Continual violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary actions (suspension or expulsion).

Safe 2 Help Nebraska - Student Anonymous Reporting


We know the struggle is real, that's why we're here. What you know matters. Make an anonymous report : 

Infinite Campus Online Payments Update


Infinite Campus has changed payment processors for online payments.  Any payment methods you’ve set up for your eCheck accounts have been deleted to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.  You will be asked to re-enter your payment methods into the Parent Portal.  You now have the option to enter debit/credit card accounts or eCheck accounts.


There are no other changes in the way you will experience online payments.


Sara E. Taylor
Business Manager
Chadron Public Schools
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Chadron, NE  69337