Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Chadron High Lip Dub !!!

On December 20, 2013 we filmed our 
2013 Chadron High School Lip Dub!
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CHS Students Make Toys for Tots!

Toys For Tots

CHS FFA Chapter members Joe Cattin, Bucky Cattin and Thurston Selby along with some help with CHS woods classes put their talents to work in building toy cars for the “ Toys For Tots” toy drive. Arrow Building Center donated wood to use as materials to get the projects started.  The cars were constructed over several after school sessions in the high school wood shop and proved to be a fun and worthwhile activity.

Pre-Calc Creates Art With Equations

Mrs. Drinkwalter’s Pre-Calculus class ended the semester with a final project.  This course covers all types of equations including polynomials, exponential, trigonometric, and transcendental. Their task was to create a picture using equations, type those equations into a graphing calculator, and save those images onto a lap-top.  Understanding the behaviors of the graphs and how to write the equations so that they are limited and shifted is required for the task.

Algebra Project

In Mrs. Drinkwalter’s Advanced Algebra II class students ended the semester with a final project.  Their task was to determine the stretch of a certain type of rubber band using an egg as a weight.  Students took several test measurements of the stretch of 1 rubber band, 2 rubber bands, 3, etc.  They then used graphing calculators and their understanding of linear regression to determine an equation that would calculate the number of rubber bands needed to  bungee drop an egg a specific height.  We used an 8 foot ladder for the bungee drop and points were assessed according to how close each students’ egg got to the ground without actually touching the ground.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Important Financial Aid Notes For Seniors!

(From Mrs. Hinrich, CHS Student Liaison)

For Chadron High Seniors and Parents/Guardians:

On Tuesday, January 14th we will be hosting our annual Financial Aid meeting. The evening will start at 5:30pm with an optional FREE dinner in the high school Commons for senior students/parents/guardians. During the meal, Mr. Mack and Mr. Uhing will speak about their college experiences with financial aid, and how it helped make college a possibility. At 6:30 we will move to the Auditorium for a financial aid presentation by EducationQuest. They will clarify the differences between scholarships, grants, and loans. In addition, they will explain more about the FAFSA process and requirements.

Seniors:  We need to let our food service personnel know our numbers by January 3rd, so if you and your parents/guardians want to join us for a FREE dinner, please either call the Guidance Office at 432-0725 or email Mrs. Hinrichs. Please RSVP no later than January 1, 2014.  If you are attending the financial aid meeting only, there is no need to RSVP.

Finally, we have people scheduled to help you with your FAFSA enrollment. On February 13th, you can receive assistance from EducationQuest here at the high school. Your parent/guardian will need to bring their COMPLETED taxes and a list of documents (which we will provide later). However, spaces are limited because they can only help one family every 30 minutes. If you want assistance, please call 1-800-666-3721.

Monday, December 16, 2013

8th Annual Shop With A Cop

The “Shop with a Cop” project was established eight years ago. All donations are used to purchase food and gifts for less fortunate children within our community. The children have the opportunity to go shopping with a police officer. This is a fun and exciting (sometimes interesting) experience for the children and the officers as well.

The Chadron Police Department would like to say “Thank You” to the generous citizens and businesses for their years of support with this project. Area children would say it has been a huge success!

Donations can be brought or mailed to the Chadron Police Department located at 125 Main Street Chadron NE 69337. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Chadron Police Department @ 432-0510 or School Resource Officer Officer Aron Chrisman. May we all be blessed this holiday season.

You can follow us on the web at or on Twitter @chadronpolice.

Calving Season Hits Early At CHS

CHS students in Intro to Agriculture have just completed a unit on calving of beef cows.  The unit introduced students in how to recognize visual signs and stages that a cow will go through during the calving process.  Students learned how to recognize when a calving cow is in need of assistance in the delivery as well as how to correct abnormal presentations of the calf.  All members of the class were given the opportunity to correct various abnormal calf presentations in the birth canal through the use of a stuffed animal Hereford calf named “Baby.”   Each group had to demonstrate how to put calf-pulling chains on the calf and extract the calf in a manner consistent with recommended methods.  Management techniques following the delivery such as: the importance of the calf establishes breathing, the importance of colostrum to the calf, how to feed the calf through a feeding tube, tagging and banding were also discussed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Foods & Nutrition Class Makes Fajitas!

Mmmmm .... what is that smell?? 

Students in Mrs. Budler's Foods and Nutrition class are in the middle of the protein and meats unit. After studying marinades and rubs, students thinly cut a tough cut of meat and made a marinade to put it in overnight. The next day they cut up green onions and a green pepper and sauteed it in a pan. To that pan they added their marinated meat. In the meantime, they also made homemade tortillas to serve their meat and pepper mixture on and created a homemade fajita. 

Students enjoyed this foods lab and learned that a cheaper cut of meat can be made into a very nice meal with a little extra time and effort. One student in the class commented that this is the best lab we have had all year!

CHS Prepares For Lip Dub!

Next Friday (Dec. 20th), Chadron High School will be filming a lip dup involving every student and staff.  Chadron High filmed its first ever (and only) lip dub in December of 2011.

Mrs. Paopao  and her Newspaper/Yearbook and Performing Arts students have been coordinating the event. High school students were given several song choices earlier this semester to vote on which would be used for the event.

In case you aren't familiar with a lip dub, they are typically filmed in one entire 'run' without edits. Background music is played while a camera travels throughout the school as a variety students lip sync to songs while others display the many sports, clubs, classes, and typical (and non-typical) scenes from the school. Every Chadron High student and staff is involved somewhere in the video.

The video will be filmed on the last day of the semester (Dec. 20th) at 10:00am. Before leaving for Christmas Break, a viewing of the video will be shown to students and staff in the Auditorium around 1:00pm.  We'll link the video to our school website for public viewing later that afternoon.

Wish us luck ... and stay tuned!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Noon Dismissal Changed From Jan 17th to Jan 24th

Please note that there has been a change on the district calendar.  We will have a full day of school on January 17th, 2014.  The 12:00 dismissal that was scheduled for the 17th will now be on January 24th. 

The change was made to accommodate the Chadron Invitational Wrestling Tournament, which will be held on January 24th & 25th.

Play Production Wins District Runner-Up

On Saturday December 7th the Chadron High one act team traveled to Sidney to compete in the Class B one act play competition.  At districts the team won the runner up trophy for their production of the "Wizard of Oz."    

The team competed against seven other schools including, Mitchell, McCook, Valentine, Ogallala, Sidney, Gordon/Rushville, and Alliance.  Ogallala was the champion with their production of "Robin Hood" and will represent the district at state competition in Norfolk on Friday.  

The team received critiques from three judges who complimented them highly for the set, costumes, makeup, and blocking.  The three judges score each team based on acting, characterization, and overall production.  Chadron received a perfect score, and a first, second, and third place ranking by the three judges.Eight students were recognized for their acting by receiving outstanding acting awards.  They were:  Shay Chamberlain, Caston Stack, Kodi Milburn, Telli Morford, Alex Lutz, Jenny Van Vleet, Tavia Passero, and Logan Lembke.  

Jill Paopao, the director, noted, "This is one of the toughest districts in the state.  If you look at the history of who wins Class B at state it is almost always a team from this district, and when it isn't, it's generally the second place team."  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela Remembered

"I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart that its opposite."

     ~Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom

Adv. Biology Dissects Rats

By CHS Students: Mikki Hastings and Brittany Garza

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013, Mr. Bradley's Advanced Biology class got the hands-on opportunity to dissect rats. Through this experience, they learned about the different body systems, and, structures of vertebrates and mammals. These students gained abundant knowledge about the functions of internal organs, glands, and how rats live.

This dissection led for a very positive progress filled hour and a half. Students had fantastic class discussion, and were able to assist each other in a variety of different ways. From helping others pin point organs in the rats, to taking pictures of this memorable experience, each individual was able to lend a helping hand to another student. Dissections like this allows learning to be brought to life and made unique, yet fun, in Mr. Bradley's class. Development, not only in educational skills, but also in social skills were built.

At Chadron high school, each student is blessed to have the opportunity to work, and be trained and taught, by very educated, helpful, caring, and motivated staff. Teachers open numerous doors to inspire children and lead them to success. Without the help of these staff, fantastic learning experiences and hands-on dissection like these would not be possible.

Students first started the dissection process by gathering all of their needed materials such as an apron, tray, gloves, dissection kit, and of course the victim the rat. Second, we laid the rat on to the tray and followed  instructions that were given to us. We carefully cut the skin off the rat so we could see the muscular system. After pointing out different muscles we cut through the muscle system and looked inside the rat. There we located the different organs inside the rat such as the liver, kidneys, heart, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, etc. After locating the different systems inside threnody of a rat it was time for clean up. At the beginning of class we were very nervous to dissect a actual mammal, but at the end we were eager and ready to do the next dissection!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yearbook Ordering & Senior Announcement

1.  Seniors and senior parents:  Please turn in a senior picture (wallet sized, vertical for the composite), baby picture, and congratulatory note (under 35 words) to Mrs. Paopao.  This needs to be done by Jan. 15.

2.  Any student that wants to reserve a copy of the 2013-2014 yearbook for only $60, before the price increases to $70, please fill out the form that was sent home from Jostens or go  The price will increase after Dec. 23

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welnitz Becomes Chadron’s first FFA State Qualifier

Welnitz Becomes Chadron’s first FFA State Qualifier

Chadron high school FFA Chapter completed its first district competition held at Chadron State College on Wednesday. FFA chapters from around the panhandle competed in leadership skills events through public speaking.  Chadron sophomore Kane Welnitz placed second in junior public speaking with a speech titled “Counting Cows” discussing various challenges in the beef industry. Kane becomes Chadron’s first ever state qualifier for the newly formed FFA chapter. Kane will compete in the state FFA competition held in Lincoln in the spring.

Chadron FFA members also competing  Tate Cullars –Job interview receiving a red ribbon, Devin Mitchell – Extemporaneous speaking, Blue ribbon, Matt Dierskson -Extemporaneous speaking, red ribbon, Ag demonstration team- Emily Lewin, Alex Fritzler, Lane Jersild, Taylor Wild, red ribbon, Joe Cattin -Natural resources red Ribbon, Thurston Selby -Natural resources, red ribbon, Bucky Cattin –Creed speaking , white ribbon. Chadron FFA Chapter’s next completion will be held at WNCC on January 8th with competitions centered around Livestock management, Welding, Ag sales and service and  Floriculture.

It's 'Turtle Time' in Advanced Biology

(Submitted by CHS student, Jayden Garrett)

On November 12th, students from Ms. Moore's Advanced Biology Class participated in a turtle dissection. 

To begin the dissection, the students pried off the shell with help from a scalpel. After the shell was removed, the internal organs were able to be observed. The students were able to remove the internal organs separately, leaving nothing more than an empty shell. Many students found the internal organs to be easily recognizable, making this a successful and interesting learning experience. Veronica Parish said, "Pulling the turtle's shell off was definitely an interesting experience, and the clarity of the turtle's organs made it super easy to identify them." Later, students determined whether their turtle was male or female. After observing their turtle further, students found that turtles lack teeth and instead have a sharp beak. 

This hands-on learning experience was thoroughly enjoyed by the class, and they hope to participate in another dissection in the near future.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ogallala HS Sportsmanship Appreciated!

I thought I'd share the text of the letter I sent today to the administration at Ogallala High School, the North Platte Telegraph, and the Nebraska State Activities Association on behalf of our team and fans at the state volleyball tournament. The sportsmanship displayed by the members of the Ogallala HS band was very appreciated ... and honorable!
~ mr. mack

November 15, 2013

Re: Nebraska State Volleyball Showmanship

As high school administrators, we know how important it is to teach and model important values to students. On Thursday, November 14th, at the state high school volleyball tournament, we experienced such a value displayed in an amazing and heart-warming show of sportsmanship.

Due to travel distance and home activities, Chadron High School had only a small handful of students in attendance at our first round game against Kearney Catholic.  As the previous game ended (Ogallala vs Wayne),  the Ogallala High School band packed up and carried all of their instruments across the gym to play for the Chadron pre-game warm-ups.  Our fans know that Chadron and Ogallala share the same school song, as displayed at last week’s district final game between these two teams.

Not only our players, but our parents and fans were so excited to see this support from our Western Nebraska friends. The excitement and support between one school’s band and another team’s fans was memorable.  To further add to this special show of support, all of the Ogallala band members joined behind our small student section during the game with several Ogallala students leading cheers and chants for the Chadron team.

Unfortunately, our Chadron team lost the game but many of our fans plan to stay another day to cheer for Ogallala in the second round. As we write this letter we don’t know the outcome of the tournament, but we want the community of Ogallala and the State of Nebraska to know that more than players on a volleyball team will win at the state tournament.  The Ogallala High School band demonstrated how to win off the court.

From our school to yours … THANK YOU!
Good luck at the state tournament!  Go Indians!!!

Jerry Mack, Principal Andy Pope, Activities Director
Chadron High School Chadron High School