Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CHS Prepares For Lip Dub!

Next Friday (Dec. 20th), Chadron High School will be filming a lip dup involving every student and staff.  Chadron High filmed its first ever (and only) lip dub in December of 2011.

Mrs. Paopao  and her Newspaper/Yearbook and Performing Arts students have been coordinating the event. High school students were given several song choices earlier this semester to vote on which would be used for the event.

In case you aren't familiar with a lip dub, they are typically filmed in one entire 'run' without edits. Background music is played while a camera travels throughout the school as a variety students lip sync to songs while others display the many sports, clubs, classes, and typical (and non-typical) scenes from the school. Every Chadron High student and staff is involved somewhere in the video.

The video will be filmed on the last day of the semester (Dec. 20th) at 10:00am. Before leaving for Christmas Break, a viewing of the video will be shown to students and staff in the Auditorium around 1:00pm.  We'll link the video to our school website for public viewing later that afternoon.

Wish us luck ... and stay tuned!