Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Important Financial Aid Notes For Seniors!

(From Mrs. Hinrich, CHS Student Liaison)

For Chadron High Seniors and Parents/Guardians:

On Tuesday, January 14th we will be hosting our annual Financial Aid meeting. The evening will start at 5:30pm with an optional FREE dinner in the high school Commons for senior students/parents/guardians. During the meal, Mr. Mack and Mr. Uhing will speak about their college experiences with financial aid, and how it helped make college a possibility. At 6:30 we will move to the Auditorium for a financial aid presentation by EducationQuest. They will clarify the differences between scholarships, grants, and loans. In addition, they will explain more about the FAFSA process and requirements.

Seniors:  We need to let our food service personnel know our numbers by January 3rd, so if you and your parents/guardians want to join us for a FREE dinner, please either call the Guidance Office at 432-0725 or email Mrs. Hinrichs. Please RSVP no later than January 1, 2014.  If you are attending the financial aid meeting only, there is no need to RSVP.

Finally, we have people scheduled to help you with your FAFSA enrollment. On February 13th, you can receive assistance from EducationQuest here at the high school. Your parent/guardian will need to bring their COMPLETED taxes and a list of documents (which we will provide later). However, spaces are limited because they can only help one family every 30 minutes. If you want assistance, please call 1-800-666-3721.