Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Foods & Nutrition Class Makes Fajitas!

Mmmmm .... what is that smell?? 

Students in Mrs. Budler's Foods and Nutrition class are in the middle of the protein and meats unit. After studying marinades and rubs, students thinly cut a tough cut of meat and made a marinade to put it in overnight. The next day they cut up green onions and a green pepper and sauteed it in a pan. To that pan they added their marinated meat. In the meantime, they also made homemade tortillas to serve their meat and pepper mixture on and created a homemade fajita. 

Students enjoyed this foods lab and learned that a cheaper cut of meat can be made into a very nice meal with a little extra time and effort. One student in the class commented that this is the best lab we have had all year!