Monday, December 16, 2013

Calving Season Hits Early At CHS

CHS students in Intro to Agriculture have just completed a unit on calving of beef cows.  The unit introduced students in how to recognize visual signs and stages that a cow will go through during the calving process.  Students learned how to recognize when a calving cow is in need of assistance in the delivery as well as how to correct abnormal presentations of the calf.  All members of the class were given the opportunity to correct various abnormal calf presentations in the birth canal through the use of a stuffed animal Hereford calf named “Baby.”   Each group had to demonstrate how to put calf-pulling chains on the calf and extract the calf in a manner consistent with recommended methods.  Management techniques following the delivery such as: the importance of the calf establishes breathing, the importance of colostrum to the calf, how to feed the calf through a feeding tube, tagging and banding were also discussed.