Friday, July 31, 2020

Sports Concussion Testing Schedule

Here is the concussion testing schedule for high impact sports. All tests are conducted in the high school library computer lab.  All freshman and juniors in the indicated fall sports will be tested including any new sophomore or senior participants that have transferred in and have not completed a concussion test from their previous school.

Monday, August 3rd @ 9:00a - 9th & 11th grade Football

Wednesday, August 5th @ 9:00a - 9th & 11th grade Softball

Friday, August 7th @ 9:00a - 9th & 11th Volleyball

CHS Fall Sports and Chromebook Meetings Scheduled

We ask that each student attend with at least one parent/guardian for these meetings. All meetings are hosted in the Auditorium. Please limit the number of family attendees to respect and increase social distance spacing. Attendees are encouraged to wear a face covering. Attend only as you feel comfortable, we'll review individual requests for optional meeting opportunities.

*Chromebook Orientation meeting attendance is required (student AND parent/guardian) to receive a chrome book.  The number of program offerings have been increased to provide for smaller groups in the Auditorium to increase social distancing space.

*Students can join a chrome book meeting with a high school sibling during any time slot. Also, if the time slot does not work for the student and parent, feel free to join any meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 12th.

Wednesday, August 5th
  • 5:00p.  Seniors - last names A thru J
  • 6:00p.  Seniors - last names K thru R
  • 7:00p.  Seniors - last names S thru Z
Thursday, August 6th
  • 6:30p.  Fall Sports Meeting - all participants and parent/guardians
Friday, August 7th
  • 5:00p.  Juniors - last names A thru J
  • 6:00p.  Juniors - last names K thru R
  • 7:00p.  Juniors - last names S thru Z
Monday, August 10th
  • 5:00p.  Sophomores - last names A thru J
  • 6:00p.  Sophomores - last names K thru R
  • 7:00p.  Sophomores - last names S thru Z
Tuesday, August 11th
  • 5:00p.  Freshman - last names A thru J
  • 6:00p.  Freshman - last names K thru R
  • 7:00p.  Freshman - last names S thru Z
Wednesday, August 12th
  • 5:00p.  Any grade
  • 6:00p.  Any grade
  • 7:00p.  Any grade
*When attending any of our hosted meetings, please limit the number of attendees to help accommodate for social distancing space in the Auditorium.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Freshman and New Students - Schedule A Tour If You'd Like!

During the week of August 3-7th, any freshman or new student to our building can call the school office (432-0707) to schedule an escorted tour of the building.   

Feel free to bring your parents, but please keep the group small also, don't forget to bring your face masks!

Aug. 10-12 will be unavailable during the day due to staff trainings throughout the district.

CHS Juniors and Seniors Can Schedule A Block Off Per Semester

In another effort to reduce class sizes and total students in the building due to COVID concerns, CHS juniors and seniors can take advantage of scheduling one less class per semester this year.  This is the same program we offer every year for upperclassman that enroll in a college class, but this year, ANY junior or senior that is on track to graduate can take advantage of a free block.

Below is an email sent to our juniors and seniors from the school counseling office.

CHS Juniors and Seniors,

We are so very excited to see your smiling faces in a few weeks, and this email might make those smiles even BIGGER than anticipated!  

Graciously, Mr. Mack and Mrs. Meyer, our new superintendent, have agreed to offer one free block per semester for all juniors and seniors who are in good standing and "on track" status for graduation!  This would mean if you have earned all your credits thus far and are on track to receive over 28 credits for graduation, you could be eligible to take one class off a semester.  We are hoping that by offering upperclassmen a free block we can attempt to lower class size numbers to maintain as much social distancing as possible.  During this free block we would expect that you would either a) leave campus during this time (with parent permission), or b) use library space for homework while maintaining social distancing best practices.  

Some questions you may have.....

Q:  Well what could I possibly do with this new found free time?!
A:  Anything!  Preferably:  Study, Apply for Colleges, Apply for Scholarships, Work, Intern, Take an Online College Class, Prep for the ACT and Other Standardized Tests......

Q:  How do I go about getting this magical free block?!
A:  Just email Mrs. Watson!  Look over your schedule that is available on Infinite Campus RIGHT NOW and see where you might like the free block located at.  Send Mrs. Watson an email or call 432-0725 if we need to talk more about options.  Starting on August 3rd you are also welcome to come into the school counseling office to talk in person - please set up an appointment in advance. 

Q:  How do I get parent permission to leave campus?  
A:  We will include the permission form with the lovely packet of information to sign at the beginning of the school year.  If you'd like to stop in before hand and get it signed right away we will have it available at the main office as well.  

Q:  Hmmmm taking an online college class sounds do I go about signing up for an online college class?
A:  Set up an appointment with Mrs. Watson, make sure you know the cost of the course and parent permission beforehand!  

Q:  How do I know if I'm "eligible" to take a free block for graduation credits
A:  As long as you have not failed up to four classes you should be GOOD TO GO for taking a free block!  We build in a buffer of four credits at CHS.  If you have failed multiple classes it will not be a fantastic idea, nor will you be eligible.  Mrs. Watson will check graduation requirements individually at the point requested before all free blocks are given.

I'm sure I missed something here, Mr. Mack is cc'd on this email and can help me if there is anything I forgot to add.  Have a JOYOUS last few weeks of summer, truly miss you guys and gals and can't wait to hear back from you all.

Loni Watson
Chadron High School Counselor
(308) 432-0725

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Superintendent's COVID-19 Memo

Date: July 14, 2020
To: Chadron Public School Patrons
From: Ginger Meyer, Superintendent; Chadron Public Schools Subject: School Information

Hello fellow Cardinals. This letter is written in an attempt to keep you in the loop of all the items that are happening, and some items that are still being considered in dealing with COVID-19. I know many of you have been waiting for some sort of information to come from the school regarding how school will look moving forward. Many of the items that will be discussed in this letter are coming from state and national leaders. We have guidelines set out by these leaders and it becomes our job, as a school district, to ensure that our procedures fall within these guidelines. Some of them will come and go with little notice from the students or the public. Others will have major impacts on how the students’ day to day procedures will occur and how parents will deal with the alterations. This situation is very fluid, and ever changing so let it be no surprise that as we get closer to fall, these plans will likely change or be altered to maintain the highest level of safety possible.

Graduation- An in person graduation scheduled for July 18, 2020 has been cancelled.  Mr. Mack did a fabulous job with the virtual graduation, many in the area have stated they wish they would have done something similar.  The original plan was rejected by our local health district.  We were going to have to limit the number of audience.  Please see Mr. Mack’s blog.

2020-2021 School Year- We will have a student start date of AUGUST 13, 2020. August 13 & 14 will be a 1:30pm dismissal. With this being said, we will only open if it is safe to do so. I am in continuous contact with The Panhandle Health Department and almost daily given the current state of the situation. We obviously feel it is best to have “in person” learning but we feel safety is of the utmost importance. If the situation dictates, we will alter our school day and calendar as necessary. These changes could include simply minimizing contact between students in a regular “in person” setting. It may include an “even” and “odd” day grouping (with family considerations) where students are placed into groups of “even” and “odd”. Or on an even date half of the students come in and the other half have digital learning altering from one day to the next. It could include going 100% digital like we had to last spring. These potential alterations will no doubt cause issues with parent work schedules and day care schedules. We have formulated a CoVid Start plan that phases a Green, Yellow, and Red system.  At this time we feel we are in the Green section.

Mask Wearing- At this point there are still several debates going on at the state and national level about the need to wear masks or to allow students and their families to have the choice whether to participate in mask wearing or not. As we sit right now ALL staff members will be encouraged to wear masks during the school day. At this point, students are free to choose to or not to wear masks. In doing so the student and their family do so at their own risk. Student masks will need to be purchased at their own expense.

Classroom Social Distancing- We are working right now on a plan to spread out our students while in the classroom. Schools were obviously not built to incorporate a six-foot space between children. We no doubt will have challenges with lunch, recess, along with before and after school commons areas, but the plans we will have in place with do the best we can to maintain appropriate social distancing as best we can.

Cleaning/Sanitizing- The custodial staff of Chadron Public Schools has done a great job of cleaning and sanitizing our buildings. Obviously not having 900+ bodies in the building for summer break has helped us in this process, however we have plans in place to regularly clean and sanitize each instructional space on a more frequent basis. In addition, through the University of Nebraska we have had ample supplies of alcohol-based hand sanitizer supplied to us to enable students to frequently and more aptly apply hand sanitizer throughout the school day. 

Extra-Curricular Events- As you probably know we are amid loosening some restrictions for the summer conditioning and program specific practicing. With all of these openings, we have made alterations to the way we do things to provide a more socially distant atmosphere. As we get closer to fall and actual competition, there will no doubt be restrictions that we will have to follow as a school as well as protocols that spectators will have to follow in order to safely watch the Cardinals in action. As these come available, we will get them out to the public.

I know this information is a lot to digest and it is not ideal. I know that the frustration level can creep up as there are so many questions and not enough answers. Please continue to be patient. As a school district, we want to get back into a normal routine as much as anyone. We want to get back to “in person” learning with a normal schedule that is easier to plan around. We want each of our students to get to experience school. I want you to know that we will do the very best we can to make this happen.

Please see our plan and take our survey.

Chadron Public Schools Reopening Plan

Parent Survey

Staff Survey

Ginger Meyer,  Superintendent
Chadron Public Schools

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

No Additional Graduation Ceremony in July

As stated last spring, we held on to hopes for a traditional graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 by making a decision on July 1st whether we could host a traditional ceremony scheduled for July 18th.  However, due to continued concerns of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, public health measures greatly limit attendance for a ceremony as well as the need for continued social distancing and screening.  For example, public health advises that each graduate could only be allowed a maximum of 8 guests, other family or friends would not be allowed to attend.

With these current guidelines from Panhandle Public Health, it is obvious that we could not provide much more of an experience than what we offered in May.   There are other panhandle schools that will host ceremonies this summer with limits of 4-8 guests per graduate because they didn't offer a graduate experience or photo opportunity in May as we did.

Again, the Class of 2020 is trapped in history ...and history is trapped in them. I'm so thankful that we were able to offer a personal graduation experience for each graduate and their family in May to celebrate the accomplishment.  The Class of 2020 will be forever remembered in ways no other class will. 

To the graduates, stay healthy and safe, let us know if we can be of any assistance in your transition to the next steps of your academic and career journey.

Our May 9th graduation celebration video can be viewed on the Chadron HS Youtube channel or click here: